River philosophy: What I do with long to-do lists…

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We all have them. These are parasites that do not stop growing. Lists of unfinished tasks (and unfulfilled wishes). 

In reality, these lists are not bad - they help you put your dreams in place, remember what you wanted to do, and put the system in place for the coming days. It is, however, one of the techniques of productive work.

But the work is piling up. Unfinished projects...

...Well, I don't know, maybe you don't. I do not know. But it really happens to me. I still have unread books from 2014 that I probably won't have read in whatever year you're reading these letters. And those unfinished drafts of articles, challenges, and books cause me pain.

I am a person who dreams a lot. Many start. Little finishes. I'm sorry.

However... Why do to-do lists never end?

No, don't say that you are a very active person. Active people do, not plan. And are these to-do lists expanding because your work is urgent? But why do you delay them?

No, your to-do list is not that huge because you have a lot of activities. It's huge because you let it be huge.

It's true, don't worry - taking on tasks and then procrastinating is a characteristic of almost everyone. The eyes want, even though the stomach is already full.

  1. Fear of making a mistake makes you wait for a "better" moment;
  2. Fear of being thrown away makes you hoard because "maybe you'll still need it";
  3. Fear of missing something important forces me to dive into every opportunity "because I'll miss something else".

And these are not the fears of unhealthy people - we all have them. However, it is precisely these fears that prevent us from escaping the mania of procrastination and planning. It is possible that this text is sitting unread in someone's browser window or email even at this very moment. in the mailbox. 1

Just because of this misunderstanding: We believe that we will always find time to complete our work. Once upon a time.

And I've found a semi-annual ritual here that keeps me from getting stuck.

River philosophy.

You will not stop the river. New wishes too.

It's... Delete them.

Trust me, deleting your to-do list is easy and useful:

  1. Looks like you still have some work to do? Then delete only those delayed for more than half a year. Don't you think something magical will happen?
  2. There are still tasks left and you don't know if you will do them, but "well, maybe"? Well, you know you're just fooling yourself.
  3. Are there chores you just don't want to do? Don't do that. It's your life after all. See for yourself.

If you really want the deleted works later, you can add them to the new list! But, probably, even with the new list, you will have a much calmer life.

Finally: Don't sign up for a mountain of new jobs! The river is your rhythm and you can't drink it all. Don't repeat the mistakes you made with the first list.


If you are really afraid of losing something, archive your work reminders. Just hide them from yourself. If you really need it, you will be able to find them. But chances are you'll never run out of them - just like I don't.

The most important thing is that work does not interfere with life. Because what's the point of work if you get in the way of it?

Clear your endless to-do list and be happy. Will help you the magic word "I gave" and a little minimalism.

I practice the annual disposal of work. I throw away my work on April 10th, my birthday, and sometime in mid-October, when I'm starting to go crazy with unfinished ideas.

I can't do everything. So I choose to implement what I can. Will you join?

  1. Yeah, you know who you are.

  • Well, okay, let's say I don't see anything and I transfer everything from the computer to the hard drive. Maybe someday it will be interesting to review, etc. Archiving (what, how?) Which programs do this most conveniently and with the possibility to quickly find everything afterwards, etc. Please share.

    That river in the photo. Is this Kaunas? (PS Greetings from Vilnius) 😀

    Well, for example, you know what helps me? I put everything in Excel for myself, that is, relationships, work, health, etc., etc. at the bottom. Well, when something turns out to be worth saving, I upload it there, but it's inconvenient. Maybe you know better apps for that? 🙂 Well, text, photo, and video can be created there.

    About saving photos. Mountain photo. How to deal with them all? And there are still those with old memories of unhappy love. What to do with them? Where do you put all those photos?

    ..and somehow I found this post weak. Anyway, good luck 🙂

    • Thanks for the feedback! I will definitely try to answer your questions on fb by constantly sharing or just with a new text. :))

  • yesoooo.. the point that someone has this hanging in the browser with the purpose of overheating shocked me. this one has been hanging around me for the past four times - I read it! but I did it 🙂 and at such moments, maybe even in moments of weakness, there is hope that things will be different now..

  • If you can put your hand to your heart and say to yourself when you go to sleep that "What I did today is more important than what I didn't manage to do". This is already super!

  • I can't read bigger nonsense... turn to lazy people - don't plan anything, don't do anything... pffff... moron author, moron who believes in such "books"...

    • Thanks at least for the creative feedback, Mindaugas! Thanks to you, I learned another new word today... 😉

  • The philosophy of the river is completely good for the river. For the person? Maybe a little, on a different scale. It's like a passing train, not everyone gets on it. It's impossible to do all the work possible, just as it's impossible to wash away all the mud or sand from the river. You need to take the most relevant. With knowledge, the same is the same. .From the whole universe to the calculation of the smallest matter, it does not turn into a flash of thought xxxx mathematically. The problem of a talented, restless person. Thank you, Daniel, for the topic.

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