A month without internet: A challenge I recommend to everyone


Facebook, Gmail, Delphi and oh look - funny pictures! Hahaha! ...Okay, back to work. But first I'll check what happened on Facebook in the last thirty seconds and check my email again. post office

This was my daily routine when I left my salaried job and became self-employed. This went on for more or less half a year, until I lost patience, spat, said "I quit" and turned off the Internet for a month.

Discovery: The month without internet was probably the best experience I've had in the last 3 years.

...And later I repeated this challenge several more times.

But why did I take on this challenge, how did I do it, what did I learn, what did I achieve, how did I change? And why would you need such a challenge?

Is it worth giving up the Internet for a month?

If you spend less than an hour on the Internet a day, don't read news portals, don't work on the Internet, and don't have Facebook... Then a month without the Internet is for you no need.

However, if your situation is different and you spend all day on the internet or you can't imagine your life without the Internet... The experiment of turning off the Internet made for you.

True - not necessarily for a month. Two weeks will be enough, if you are afraid this time, 1 or your source of income is online work. But it's worth a try and you can do it. You really can.

Here's how...

“Hey wait, you forgot yourself? And why did you, Daniel, turn off the Internet for yourself?"

Ah, I really forgot. Remember I mentioned the internet everyday? And that sometimes it's hard to imagine life without the Internet?

That was my first reason. I have had the Internet at home since I was 12, I have been actively living there, and during those years there was not a single month when I lived without the Internet. I was wondering if internet addiction really exists. 2

The second reason was that I call myself a writer. And a writer who does not write and wastes time on the Internet is not a writer. So, I decided to test my limits and become more efficient at work.

How to start your month without internet?

You probably know the answer: you can find the shutdown button on the back of the internet splitter or in the settings of the smart device. Press it.

No monkey, you don't have to throw away your computer! Just press the set button.

But, of course, it's not always that simple. Especially if you work online and such a change would be new to your soul. Here are some steps to help:

A) As much as possible, arrange and finish old affairs.

I, personally, did not finish all the works before leaving the Internet and even started a few new ones. So, this step is not too important in the end. But the whole point of this step is that reduce potential anxiety.

Pay your debts, answer letters and say you'll finish your work when you get back, wish your mom a happy birthday in advance, and so on. The sooner you get rid of the burden, the better.

This makes it convenient to spend a month without the Internet while on vacation. Although it is not necessary if work allows you to spend less time on Facebook and email. 3

b) Report that you are going missing and where you can be found.

Just because you go offline doesn't mean you're giving up face-to-face meetings, phone calls, paper letters, work visits, or other offline methods of communication.

So, make the most of it. This is what I did here:

  1. I informed the Clouders by letter that I would be gone for a while;
  2. I wrote messages on Facebook to important friends and colleagues, which phone number to call them if they needed me suddenly;
  3. I created a Gmail autoresponder with an emergency phone number.

I also asked a few of my colleagues and friends to keep checking my blogs to see if anything bad happened. If it happened, he would call. In other words, at this step protect yourself from fire.

c) Don't delay.

It's easy to think "Maybe I'll do that in the future," to plan, to wait for the perfect moment, and never, damn it, try that new thing. I know this because I'll admit, I've been putting off my challenge for a month since the beginning of November. However, there will be no ideal time for experiments.

Simply. There will be better times 4 but no ideal time. Similar to starting a business or giving birth to a child.

If you're still afraid, don't worry, I'll reassure you:

Actually, I'm not the first person to think of turning off the Internet for myself.
And this is not something unexpected, some of the internet users have been challenging themselves since the beginning of the Internet. For example, one of them is Jim Stolze, a researcher at VU University in Amsterdam, who tested the connection between the Internet and happiness:

A second example would be Paul Miller, editor of the news portal The Verge, who talked about his challenge in another TED talk:

When will I try the year-long challenge?

And what did you experience this month?

Well, I... It's really not a big deal. I did not experience any kind of enlightenment and opening of chakras, not even my friend Jesus visited me. These were just small and pleasant experiences.

Part of these experiences were jobs. It's been crazy fun to find time to catch up on all those long-postponed things after turning off the internet: writing, organizing, home repairs, books, and sports...

...The other part of the experience was a little less tangible, but nevertheless gave lasting satisfaction with life. As a result of these changes, I repeated the month without internet challenge several more times.

I recorded my experiences in this weblog + in the diary in paper format:

This is a diary that I kept for myself during the month. And, yes, I write a bit illegibly, haha.

First: I became more confident.

It was strange. And to this day I have no explanation as to why this happened. But if at the beginning of the month I was afraid about my career (and further life), about writing (and whether it is interesting to anyone) or about my relationship...

...I was as calm as a Dutchman at the end. That is, similar to the Belgian, but even calmer. Maybe it helped that I passed the challenge, despite the difficulties of the first week.

Perhaps this was the effect of completed works and achieved goals. Maybe something else; mysticism. But it happened and I gained confidence.

Second: The sixth day of the challenge was the hardest.

At the end of the first week I had what could be called in buckets - malaise, headache, boredom and great irritation.

...And on the seventh, and so on, it suddenly passed and everything turned for the better.

It was on the sixth day that it was most difficult not to connect to the Internet on a phone or another computer. But it turns out that even the greatest temptation and desire to join can be overcome. 🙂

Third: I finally found time for myself.

We don't notice ourselves when we surf the Internet. And everything is fine.

When huge amounts of information are constantly poured on our heads, we are pressed by articles and motivation from all sides 5 and all kinds of Delphi and Clouds... It's easy to lose yourself in this noise.

Only after turning off this noise and the geyser of new ideas on the Internet, I finally found time for myself and my problems. For your thoughts, work and relationships with important people. So I was able to finish some long overdue work, try some meditation exercises I read about in a book... And this and that. 

I was finally with myself.

Yes, I still have a long way to go before the bridge... // Vi Kontrimaitė's photo

Wait, I have more questions!

Can I opt out of internet only, say at home?

Yes! And I did this during the first month without internet, two weeks before December 12th. Inspired by this article I turned off the internet at home and only worked in libraries and cafes. It was fun and interesting and I was more productive working away from home.

It is definitely possible and worth trying. If you're really, really afraid of the end of the world... Try this method. That way you won't waste time on games, and at the same time you won't completely disconnect.

Do you really guarantee that it will be this good and fun?

No. Because who am I, Mr. God? You won't know what happens until you do the experiment yourself. Other people's experiences and research are good, but not enough to be sure.

But I can reassure you - it is likely that nothing bad will happen to you.

Oh, what a fool you are, I live without the Internet at all!

...And why are you reading this article? You don't need this challenge without internet - I already said that at the beginning of the article 😉

What is the cost of this challenge?

The challenge is free of charge + with money back guarantee.

What if something terrible happens during that time? A war will start, the economy will collapse, idiots will be elected to the Diet or something like that?

If something terrible happens, then... You will learn this even without the Internet

Even if you live in a village of three inhabitants. Family, friends, neighbors, colleagues will tell you. You will receive an SMS on your phone or you will see neighbors panicking. Sirens will blare and...

Man, it's only been a while since the corona virus epidemic - do you really think you could have missed that? So that you wouldn't understand that the posters at the shops and people with masks mean something?

Calm down, nothing bad will happen. And if it does happen, you can always turn the internet back on. At the same one click. This challenge is not exile. This is just an experiment.

And will no one forget me if I don't appear online for a month?

No, you won't forget. If it was important for people to get to know you, they will not disappear anywhere and communication will continue. No customers, no friends, no followers. In the cloud, in fact, they even increased during my month. 6

After all, collect phone numbers and schedule meetings a month ahead. You remember phones, don't you? These are devices that do not need the Internet. Press the button. Eight. Call button. Boom - connection! Unbelievable.

What am I going to do?!

you will sleep I was lazy. You will work. You will watch birds, watch movies, read books, go to a museum or bookstore, you will talk to the Maxima salesman. You will do everything you have wanted to do for a long time, but did not have time for it.

The only difference: you will do it without the Internet.

After the first week, you will realize that it is possible to do much more than it seemed. You will see that the Internet is not so important anymore.

Can I ask one more question?

Of course you can! Write in the comments below and I will answer you, help you, advise you. If you want to, you can also write to me personally. We can even exchange phone numbers if you want to call each other during the challenge or something 😎

A month without the Internet can be the best experiment of your life.

And I wholeheartedly recommend you try it.

...Will you join? 😉

  1. I was scared at first too, but it turned out to be much more enjoyable than I expected.

  2. I'll give it away - it turns out not.

  3. You can also take on the challenge half- blocking unwanted apps.

  4. For example, after handling urgent matters and creating an autoresponder. *Shoot, Swoosh*

  5. I told her what she was getting in the way of "The inspiration for change you've always been missing".

  6. Which was strange. Maybe I need to shut up more?

  • Great article! I will definitely try it. I myself conducted a somewhat simpler test - a week without Facebook. And I can say that I have no regrets. The experience is indescribable, I felt happiness and motivation to engage in activities for which I still did not find time 🙂

  • Ahahahahahaha 😀
    have fun 🙂 read and smile, that's where the spirit is!
    great, such experiments lead to real life knowledge :} keep it up, I'll try it too, at least for a week or two, but I'm already in the mood.

    • Okay, cool. when do you start I hope you have already set the date so that there is no "and later" after that? 😉

  • I'm so used to the Internet that when I come home with a cup of coffee, I first sort out the issues that have arisen, read Debesyl or something else, and in the evenings I like to communicate with a good friend who is currently abroad and there is no other way to communicate with her at the moment. I spend a relatively large amount of time on the Internet, and if I go to reading books, it's not at all. Yes, I think it would be too sudden to give up the Internet even for a week or two. I feel that at the beginning I should conduct that experiment in my own way, as if preparing for more serious tests;) for example, decide to myself that I will spend an hour on the Internet every day and see what happens:) What do you think, Daniel?

    • I did the same thing, as I mentioned in the text, a few weeks before the challenge I used the Internet only in libraries and cafes (not at home, in other words, at home I completely disconnected the Internet splitter). That's right, it turned out just like the preparation and quite pleasant.

      You can try it too, Aušrine! And hey, when it's fun, just to go back, and immediately to Debesyla..! 😀

      • Yes, I follow every new article:) when will the book be?
        ps I still really like to read ilze butkutes page!

        • Probably in a few months. Today I start editing the draft. Then, after a while, I will edit another book that I am writing together with Valtininkus. Basically, the process should take several months, because writing a book is not about adding a text on Facebook ;))

  • Great idea, I recently completed a month without FB, and now I'm dying to test myself and give up the internet completely 🙂 inspiring, Daniel, thank you 😀

    • Thank you Diana! :3 If Paul Miller (where the video was) could do it for a year, it's definitely possible for a month! It can be tied together with some other, say, travel month. Or in any case - in the month of creativity and completion of work. :)) Thank you!

  • Probably one of the main reasons I sat on the Internet was because I had a lot of free time. And of course, that annoying habit of checking fb every few minutes instead of working, even though you know nothing has changed there. Some time ago, I stopped reading news portals because I realized that the information they provide is completely useless to me. Things got sorted out with fb when I participated in the "Lūšies" program. It was held in December, and it coincided with the completion of work and preparations for the session, during the holiday period, so there was simply no time left to surf the Internet. I was not very attached to the Internet. If I had a busy day, I'd be glad I didn't have time to squint at the monitor. But I decided to take the challenge anyway. I thought about it, I hesitated, because there were things that needed the Internet and the phone to help. But like you said, it's hard to say when is the best time. There are always all kinds of distractions that can cause you to postpone it. So one day I just took it and disconnected from the virtual world. Without notifying anyone, without taking care of all the work (I had to use the Internet for a while to pay the bill, because it was as if the payment was somehow delayed that month on purpose :D). I told some people off the bat that I would be off the internet for two weeks. The strangest thing is that I was waiting for two pieces of news that would have required me to go to the Internet, but even here, as if on cue, they found me with an unexpected phone call. 😀 Since I didn't have a (non-)existent addiction to the Internet, those two weeks passed easily. I didn't get as much done as you, but I was happy that I could do my activities calmly and without rushing anywhere, because I had more time for nothing, nothing was distracting me. The last days were the most difficult, because new discoveries and thoughts suddenly came flooding in and I wanted to do everything right away, but I had to look it up and look it up on the Internet. So I was looking forward to the end of the challenge. 😀 Well, how about an essay without conclusions (that I have already expanded into a whole novel). I got even more weaned from sitting on the Internet. I only spend a couple of minutes on Facebook just to check if there is anything important. I check my email post office I stopped reading so many different blogs and articles about a better life and finally took action. Because I realized that I won't read everything anyway. After all, I don't even need it. This was the best event that just happened during the challenge. 🙂

    • Wow! That's how I knew that I should expect a long letter or message from you! Thanks, Manta! :))

      But it's a force - you disconnected the Internet almost without telling anyone and without finishing the work, and it was still a force. I don't know if anyone else can find obstacles here. 😀 Great!

      • Well, this way seemed the best. Because otherwise, all those "well, maybe you should try it sometime" will last forever. If you take it, it's now. 😀 I really don't regret trying it. Let's wait for other inspiring challenges 🙂

  • Great! After reading your articles, Daniel, I have already planned the fifth challenge of the month! Such ideas lead to positive changes by changing your habits 🙂 Good luck in your work! 🙂

  • I just got online again today after not being on it for a whole week ( I used to be online 24/7 , so that week was a big challenge for me too 😀 ) and it was such a good vacation:) I really recommend everyone to try it for a week or even longer .

    For a couple of years before that, I was nurturing this idea of staying offline, but it always seemed like it wasn't time yet, that I had some urgent things to do, until I finally forgot about my plans :). So thank you for reminding me of this wish that I finally got :). I think next time I will take a longer vacation :))

  • And what if I eat bread because I sit on the Internet? I don't want to change my job, because it was the Internet that brought such freedom to my life that I couldn't even dream of. After all, when I was in school, we even considered calculators a luxury. However, I feel how strongly I am dependent on him, not only because of this kind of work, but also because I am in love with him and have personified him as a person. The stupidest thing is that I don't even have time to browse all those websites, I don't remember how long ago I entered the news portals. I love my job so much that just working online all day is enough for me. However, I don't feel the flow of time at all anymore, because my mind lives there, in virtual space, and often I don't even know if I've eaten or not, and I only find out about it when I check the refrigerator and see if the food has decreased or not.

    • Maybe, Sigita, start monitoring time online (https://debesyla.lt/laikas-internete/) and then block. For example, with Cold Turkey in the evenings and only afford those 7-8 hours for work (well, and one or two for entertainment) per day. Sumoj 10 hours for the Internet and 6 free without it - maybe that's okay? 🙂

      In a word, little by little is possible! Perhaps along the way you will realize that you can work online without the Internet. For example, you may only need it to upload something, but otherwise you can create while offline. And so on. Here it depends on the area 😉

  • I deleted my facebook account three years ago. I only go on Skype when I have an appointment with someone. At home, I only turn on the computer to pay bills. And I don't feel like I've lost anything. You know what I missed most when I had Facebook? Live communication with live people! That's why I deleted my account. Because there was a constant feeling that life was passing by. Your friends share their experiences and impressions, but you still remain alone on the other side of the screen with your worries and problems that you don't have time for, because you're on Facebook!
    I discovered the cloud recently while looking for good examples of websites (because I have to take care of updating the institution's website). Daniel, you are a cool guy just because you inspire so many people. And your creativity is simply fascinating. But don't be angry - reading your articles also counts as time spent on the Internet. Therefore, I advise everyone - use it in moderation and responsibly!
    By the way, at home I would like to turn off the TV the most... I'm just afraid that my family will eat me alive :)

    • Thank you very much, Augustus! 🙂 And nobody, I understand. That's why there is a button in the articles, if you want to print the articles. Because they are long, but you can read them offline. :F

      • And you waste paper when printing! Non-organic. Of course, you can copy-paste to the same computer to save. After all, reading online isn't bad. As with everything, there should be moderation. For example if you're browsing for information, it's not bad. But if browsing and searching for information becomes an obsession, you should be worried. If you read Debesyla in search of answers or to spend your time meaningfully, there is nothing wrong with it. But if it overshadows all other things, it smells like religious fanaticism 🙂

    • Augustus, my family has been off television and TV for many years. That zombie box isn't completely missing. Yes, feel free to do it!

    • I hate telco. I would have broken it a long time ago, but my husband would buy another, bigger one. And for children, I strictly limit about 1 hour of technological things per day. (Well, if you watch a movie, watch it until the end). I hit the off button without discussion. Harms children - this is a fact and there can be no debate. After a while, after watching their movies, the kids started turning off the TV without asking, even if someone else was watching! And they can't turn off computer games yet, they need help. Here is an example where we need to be adults without debate.
      PS Do not change your word, do not allow yourself to be talked into, replace the TV with a more interesting activity.

  • Once upon a time, when I had a computer, I didn't have internet for a long time, so in libraries I only copied texts to a memory stick for reading.. although I never read them in reality.. I probably need to buy a few encyclopedias on various topics to stop this habit of accumulating information.. Now I have had internet for a long time. .. I probably spend a lot of time in it. I will have to track my time on the internet.. but I don't follow news on delfy, nor am I on fb often.. and the internet is good when you suddenly need to buy something, learn something or decide.. I think that limiting the internet would also be beneficial, so once I know how much I spend on it , I will try to limit. We'll see what happens.. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

    • …And after all this time, how are you doing, what have you learned, Zxde? 😉

  • It's a good feeling when you give up some kind of addiction, a blessing comes and you see that there is something beautiful in the world. It is possible to live without the Internet on weekends.

  • And I remember how it was with television. I used to love her so much as a child. I even got angry if someone prevented me from watching it. During my teenage years, my parents decided to give up television because the prices went up. How at first I tried to talk them out of it! But after a very short time, I saw how good it is. I haven't watched TV for about 9 years now, unless I happen to see it at someone's house. And I notice how all advertisements are changing, and definitely not for the better, and how it changes people's values. Now I know for sure that I will not buy a TV in my life, plus I have learned to stay away from the advertisements around me! Yes, I recommend the "life without TV" challenge. 🙂

    • Ah, I got rid of the TV in a very similar way - when I moved to a new house, I didn't buy a TV (because I didn't have one) and instead I bought a 100 euro more expensive refrigerator that consumes less electricity! :))

      When you think about it... What good is a TV anyway? In that sense, honestly? Unless watching movies on Netflix? :X

  • So, the month without the Internet was, in one respect, only "the month without the Internet", but not "the month without the computer?"

    • As written! I don't see a problem with the computer, but I will try it again in the future - without a laptop, tablet, phone, car and other computers.

      ...Only, apparently, there are more of them than we imagine. Even my water boiler with a computer 🙂

      • As written at the beginning of the article, this experiment was invented to avoid interruption of work by seeing Facebook or other. extraneous messages. And would it be possible to carry out this experiment and how if the work is with customers who send orders online and those orders are also returned to them online? That is, when customers' e-mails mail goes all day that you have to constantly check and answer?

        • Yes, I think it would be possible.

          * After setting the time period when you will be at 100% (for example, telling everyone that you log in at exactly 10:00, log out at 16:00 - so write on time).
          * When sending a "holiday" autoresponder with the first letter, you write "Hello, I will answer you right away, and here are the most frequently asked questions and answers." If you find the answer, let me know. Let's save each other's time."
          * Finding automation solutions at all, where the return system goes from your head to the computers.

          Tim Ferriss's book "The 4-Hour Work Week" talks more about such automation - I recommend it.

          True, I tend to talk about freelancer-style work, I talk about smaller, more personal automation in my book "The Lazy Manifesto".

          Anyway, I understand the problem - really, some jobs require a lot of sitting. Unfortunately, there is no universal solution. But the good part is that only a very small part of such work is not at least partially facilitated by automating something or transferring freedom to the client himself. 🙂

          (Tim Ferriss, of course, goes into much more detail.)

  • Very funny article! On Sundays, I make a real outing not only for myself, but also for everyone who should work for me. I don't go to shops, cafes. I don't turn off the phone, but I put it aside, I don't browse the Internet. (Another serious step would be to disconnect from electricity on Sundays). Then you start creating - something to do so that it is not work. You discover sports, remember your children, find old board games. But the best, of course, is outside. There is just a lack of like-minded people.

    • There are always games and things to do with family or old friends. After all, something fun to try! I sometimes play Dixit or Cards against humanity... 😀

    • Oh! How did you do it, Manta? Because Telia, if I'm not mistaken, doesn't even have a plan to be without mobile data? I have the smallest one of them, and even that 200MB is included... Hm.

      • Hedgehog now has internet plans. Earlier, my family struggled, we could not buy normal clothes. I had a mobile phone, but I couldn't figure out what to do on the Internet with those keyboards. I got my smartphone later than most of my peers, so I never started catching Pokemon. It's just that the need for the Internet on the phone never arose.

      • In addition to all this, I received very little pocket money compared to what all my peers received. I had little that I could afford.

  • >