Finding motivation and inspiration is a drug.

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What if I told you that inspiration and motivation are your two worst enemies? Yes, the same inspiration you get from some Lucky Millionaire on your facebook or instagram wall…

These are invisible enemies - it doesn't seem bad to look for inspiration. But it is poisonous, like asbestos dust from slate roofs or carbon monoxide from car engines.

Here it is. Look what I have in my hands: 

These are your two choices, two pills:

  1. White. A pill of freedom and full life. Which we can call the Living Motor. 
  2. Rainbow. Euphoria, inspiring desire to achieve something, motivation to change and make a pill. Which we can call an Improvementophile.

What do you choose? Which of these pills would you like?

...Don't be afraid, you don't have to choose it at this moment. First, let me tell you about the effects of these two pills on you.

First tablet: Living room

...Once drunk, you will walk out the door of your home and begin your JOURNEY.

You will travel, you will grow, you will learn, you will accumulate fantastic experiences. You will fulfill everything written on your dream list - whether it is just a lot of skydiving or a cozy everyday life with small beautiful children and riding around Australia on a motorcycle.

Your life will change. Your attitude towards him will also change.

Your life will become clean, positive, leading to good. And at the end of the day, when you play Fools with Mr. Death for the last time, even if you lose, you'll be happy. Because it was worth it. Your life will have meaning. Because through it you will have achieved everything you wanted.

Drink Gyvenimotonis - feel the taste of life.

Side effects: You can be called a fraud, a scoundrel and a fraud because you will be too successful. Also... You can quietly start selling the Enhancephile...

Second tablet: Developmentphile.

...After taking this pill, you will get INSPIRATION and your life will light up with all the colors of the rainbow. You will gain motivation and desire to:

  • For a change.
  • To conquer the world.
  • Find something to pair with yourself.
  • Read a wise book.
  • Take a selfie on a construction crane.
  • Start writing.
  • Walk to the gym.
  • Run every day.
  • Eat healthier.
  • Change your life differently.

And do even more amazing things…

...While using Enhancement Phil.

Every time you wake up in the morning and turn on Facebook, your favorite pages will pop up in front of your eyes: "Beautiful quotes for everyone", "Wonderful thoughts", "Positivity <3" and all kinds of "Dream millionaires". Or just photos of your friends who are doing better than you in life.

You click hearts and thumbs up on amazing quotes, ideas, thinking-changing exercises. It will save itself. Comment and tag your friends.
And your life will be fantastic.

...As soon as all those breaths and kicks in the ass kick in in the future. Now is not the right time for work. But hey, watching an inspiring film about disabled people will change everything. Well, then I will have the strength to change everything. You will see! You will see - mom, dad, and all former classmates!

You are interested in your life. And you will become what you always wanted to be. Successful, great, respected and, most importantly, happy.

Side effects of the pill: You may start to lose sight of the chemical and the effects of inhaling it will wear off. Soon simple inspiration will not even be enough to organize your wardrobe and you will need something new all the time. Different.


Just... Didn't you notice?

What is that liquid flowing from the tap in your house? Is it really water? Just a pure hash du o?

...Because in it, just like in your Facebook, books, movies and teachings and everywhere your hands have touched, there is a dissolved Development Philistine:

You are already using Tobulejimophil.

Maybe you didn't know that. It seems to you that all the most successful people starts with inspiration, motivation, friendly kicks in the ass and endless beautiful pictures of cars and beautiful girls.

Because what else could you think of?

After all, those people who have achieved more than you - Alex Monaco, and Dalia Grybauskaitė, and Donald Trump, and Egidijus Dragūnas or Anthony Robbinson - share that.

They share images of their lives. With their thoughts that encourage them to reach for more, their pictures of them lying in the Maldives, all those little bits of a more wonderful life.

And even those friends of yours share it...

...Those successful puppies who started and built their own business, so now they have a lot of money and can vacation in Majorca, Malaysia or Mexico while you vacation in Maxima.

All those puppies share snippets of an inspiring life.

And instead of thinking of one idea and sharing it, you would swallow one pill and do tangible work, you would drink the elixir and start with small steps...

...You shove a bucket of inspiration down your throat, swallow until your stomach, intestines, and throat hurt and you are fed up with the nonsense that makes your head spin.

But even then, I don't stop looking for inspiration.

Well, a little more. Yes, a little. For dad. For mommy. Daaaaarrrrrrr I invite you to change your life.

You inject a dose of motivation directly into your vein and go to sleep happy. Tomorrow, or maybe not tomorrow, but on Monday... Well, maybe not this one, but some day - then everything will be better. I'll start it then.

Really... A little inspiration isn't bad.

One or two ideas from a quality book, from a good movie or advice from a friend - only to your advantage. The smartest, most accomplished people learn from everything around them.

But constant, endless use of Enhancephile... It becomes addictive. The desire to "improve". Still. Still. Still. Plus. Without using what you already know at all.

After all, you weren't born yesterday. You have knowledge. This moment. All those ideas stored in your brain, all those stories from your life, all those innate talents you have.

You're throwing it all away to... Better get ready. Don't know who.

Just a bit more. Not now. I can't now. Today is a busy day. I still need more desire! No, not like the one after the seminar last Friday... Even bigger! I must always desire everything!!!

Only those puppies who are so lucky...

The happy do not consume inspiration. They are doing.

And while doing…

  • Working.
  • Crying.
  • Sad.
  • Learning.
  • Finds one inspiring thought.
  • It is written down or shared.
  • Trying.
  • Sometimes he presents himself.
  • And sometimes it hurts.

Until he completes the work that changes everything. They work. Till the end.

Elon Musk works 10 hours a day on the Tesla, xSpace or Hyperloop projects. No more Facebooking and quote catching. Dalia Grybauskaitė gives all of herself to the state, not to the League of Legends game. Even ancient explorers like Leonardo da Vinci did more than seek inspiration for creation. 1

So should you.

Don't select the Enhancement Philo. At all - to ignore and voluntarily disconnect from masturbation in search of endless inspiration for works. And do the work yourself. Actions. Use what you can use right now.

You don't need to destroy the world political system in one fell swoop and become the World Ruler. You can start with small changes like…

  • Start jogging. But not after a marathon every day, but after 100 meters. Maybe trying to catch a bus leaving the bus stop.
  • Start cooking. But you don't become a top chef overnight. Or at least learn to bake delicious pancakes for your mother.
  • Start earning euros. But don't create a billion-dollar business in three days, but try to earn at least 5 euros more every day than you earn now.

...And so on.

I believe you. I hope you're not an idiot and the Improvementophile hasn't eaten your brain down to the last neuron yet. I believe that you have ideas, you have knowledge... And I believe that you sense where you could start.

That intuition was enough for those who set their goals before you. Maybe because they are older than you. Or younger and realizing they can use their powers.

Come on...

I'm giving you a tablet of Gyvenimotonio.

Take it - it will be enough for you. have a drink

It will help you more than searching for inspiration. Because works are not realized through inspiration, but through work. Per aspera ad astra.

So... Where will you start today?

Yes, today. This day, this evening or this night. Until you go to sleep. what will you do What will you do first? What tiny step will you take? Open your notebook or calendar. Mark yourself.

Start this moment. And damn that inspiration - the most successful people in history didn't need it, so trust me you don't either.

Don't forget to use Gyvenimotonis and live. Don't forget to work.

P.S If you put these words away for the future and don't use them... Well, I did what I could. But don't be surprised if you don't succeed. You know what you need. I turn off the comments so you don't waste your attention.

  1. When it comes to "The Calling" as we think of it now, Leonard was quite an interesting figure. If we now believe that we are made for only one activity, Leonard engaged in a total of ten activities that fall under the category of discovery. He scattered himself first, and then used everything he learned in new projects.