For a change and inspiration: What the 3 most read authors of self-education books in Lithuania write

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It's sad, but many people could become champions of self-loathing and self-deprecation. I do not know. I can not. I'm afraid. It is too hard for me. Nobody will understand me. I will be laughed at.

Heard? These people do not know how to accept compliments, shy away from criticism, hesitate, are afraid to take risks, to say "yes!", even more so - to say "no!", they are not able to get rid of the past and bravely face tomorrow.

I agree, I can't say this about everyone, and I'm glad about that, but there are still plenty of people around us who fit that description. When such people get the right self-development book in their hands, look, they take it and straighten up, blossom, start a business, make friends, smile more often... It's just that the right book is hard to find.

Self-improvement publications have been around for centuries. The genre of self-improvement as we know it today began to take shape in the mid-19th century. Since then, oh, how much has been written!

  1. Not all personal development and self-help books are equal. Well, in addition to being good and useless. Some help to find inner peace, others give an impulse to improve, others simply inspire. There are books that offer readers methodologies to achieve specific results and there are books that help develop certain personal or professional skills.
  2. Self-help books can provide insight, information and advice. Many self-help texts offer strategies that the author has personally used, while other books rely on proven research.
  3. Do self-help books work? This question can be answered both yes and no. A book, even the best, will never help you improve if you are not willing to do it yourself. The instructions for the vacuum cleaner do not vacuum the floor, that's why popular psychology books lying on the shelf does not solve problems. Books are just one tool. Surprised? Maybe no. Unfortunately, you will have to work on yourself.

ok We found out what self-help books are and how they can help. But the question still remains unanswered, what to read? In every bookstore we will find hundreds of books dedicated to personal development. Which one to grab?

Today I suggest you look around the shelves of Lithuanian writers and trust other readers. Let's meet three of the most widely read authors of self-help books in our country and see what they write.

Martynas Driukas (or Sanjayananda, or Trimurti) is a reformer with limited thinking

Martynas Driukas also signs his books with the names Sanjayananda or Trimurti. He explains that Sanjayananda, translated from the Sanskrit language, means "One who has conquered himself and experienced bliss". And here Trimurti in Hinduism means the three Forces of the Universe - Creation, Sustainment and Destruction. These three forces turn the spiral of the evolution of souls. The author's nicknames give away a little, what can be expected in his books.

However, before opening the writer's books, let's get to know him a little. After all, it matters who tries to blow new winds into our heads, doesn't it?

The author presents himself as a person who inspired thousands of people to pause and question the words "I can't", "Impossible", "It doesn't happen", "It's not for me". Sounds promising, doesn't it?

I will try to list all areas of activity covered by Martynas Driukas. It will take time! He is the author of self-development books, lecturer, motivator, reformer of limited thinking, traveler, project "Alchemical Journeys" the founder. That's not all! Let's swell up and continue on. Martynas Driukas is also a researcher of alternative medicine, neurolinguistics trainer and business consultant, athlete, yoga teacher, founder of the men's club "Satori". Enough? There is more to name.

Of course, anyone can introduce themselves, but Martynas Driukas is constantly improving his knowledge. The author's CV includes the most diverse educational institutions, seminars and trainers in Lithuania and the world. It is not surprising that a person with such experience wants to share his knowledge. There are already ten books in the bibliography of Martynas Driukas. I won't name them all, but let's take a look at three of our readers' favorites.

"Inner Spine. Morality. Goals. Values'

The book "The Inner Spine: Morality, Goals, Values" is composed of practical advice that will help you crystallize the most important human values and understand what morality is and how the most important laws of the universe work. In the book, the author separates values and morality. According to the author, if values are the desires of a human being, then morality is the laws and behavior of the Universe.

The main idea of the book is that people who live according to all the laws of the Universe are successful in whatever they do. As soon as they turn away from morality - the Universe punishes and as if crushes them, luck waves its hand and turns away.

Martynas Driukas claims that after understanding the things written in the book, you will be able to understand why a person is accompanied by success, or why he attracts misfortunes. Also, the author will help you find out which of your values are imposed by the environment and which come from within. Based on this information, readers will be able to develop their own personal value system.

The book "The Inner Spine: Morality, Goals, Values" is recommended for those who want to clarify their goals and find out what prevents them from achieving them. Isn't that what we all want?

"All limits are only in your mind"

Raise your hand, who doesn't strive for fulfillment in life? Yes, hands are not visible. Therefore, I think you will be interested in the thoughts of Martynas Driukas presented in this book. He states that in order to achieve fullness in life, we need to be knowledgeable about the following topics: relationships, hypnosis, evolution, tantra, yoga, alternative medicine, religion, awareness, mind, subconscious, intelligence, self-destruction paradigm.

Also, as you can tell from the title, the writer states that all limits are in our mind. We choose to live a limited life where we walk day in and day out at a job we hate, eat bland food, stare at TV and go on vacation once a year. Those limits are sad, aren't they? However, Martynas Driukas confirms the truth that cuts somewhere inside - the mind is educated, and it is possible to expand the boundaries!

No matter what you do in life, your troubles are the same as everyone else's. And only the limits of the mind do not allow to solve them. The idea is clear, but where to start? This book is exactly the one in which it is worth looking for answers.

"From Gangs to Saints"

I want to quote a comment that in the online bookstore left by reader Gabija (language not corrected):

"The book is very easy to read, engaging, allows you to rethink your own life, rearrange values and priorities. I liked that Martynas Driukas knows how to present complex spiritual experiences in a simple language, accessible to every layman, and puts him on the path, thus providing not only knowledge, but also an inexorable desire to be interested in ourselves, throwing off all the masks, roles, and programs that bound our minds. Food, media, addictions, all temporary pleasures lead to an illusion in the clutches of which we are all. Martynas provides instructions (through his own lived experience) on how to break free from this illusion. The book breathes light, sincerity, hope and faith that any of our works in life (even the worst ones) can be fixed! You just need to stop blaming others and start looking for all the answers YOURSELF. Then the Miracles begin."

More comments are probably not needed?

Žydrūnas Sadauskas is a person who can diagnose your abilities and problems just by examining facial features

Do you know what face counting is? I will briefly remind those who have already encountered this concept and introduce those who hear it for the first time.

The science of facial expression states that a person inherits the hard tissues, and forms the soft ones by repeating the same facial expressions. At the beginning of life, we "wear" our mother's face, and after starting an independent life, we form a personal one.

Facial reading professionals apply certain principles and can easily indicate innate and acquired personality traits. Face reading allows you to name a person's health, the right profession and even injuries experienced in life. Interesting, isn't it?

Face readers have been around for more than two thousand years, face readers work in the White House and other organizations, and the most famous specialist in this field in Lithuania is Žydrūnas Sadauskas. Face reading, profiling and body language trainer constantly gives lectures, conducts seminars, consults, trains other face readers and, of course, writes books. Two publications can reach your shelves today. Let's use it!

"Shadows of Childhood"

In the book "Shadows of Childhood", the author shares his many years of face reading experience, which allowed him to see and understand an important truth - personality boundaries and complexes come from childhood.

Tell me, do you believe that childhood experiences are to blame for your problems today? Probably not, but the author claims that this is just self-delusion. However, it is one thing to understand that a long-forgotten period is to blame for failures. How to deal with injuries?

In the book, Žydrūnas Sadauskas shares practically proven techniques that will help you feel better today.

The book is written simply and resembles a conversation with a friend, but covers a wide range of topics. The author talks about the influence of childhood on adult life, the principles of brain activity, answers how complexes are formed, how we perceive the world, teaches us to understand whether we love ourselves, shows how to let go of childhood hurts and how to control our emotions.

"Childhood Shadows" is intended for a person who wants to know himself better and become happier. It turns out that for all of us. And to all parents whose behavior today will affect the well-being of their children in the future.

"Face count. A practical guide"

We have already found out what face counting is, it's time to put this science into practice. The book "Face count. A practical guide' has two purposes. One of them is relevant for everyone. The author claims that the thoughts he teaches will help you discover yourself and your place under the sun. It's interesting! Well, the second goal is to help other people understand. If we could, it would make life so much easier, wouldn't it?

We all too often like to treat all people as if they all have to conform to one set of rules and requirements. Be like this and not different. Do it this way and no other way. Žydrūnas Sadauskas reminds us that we are all different and we are not motivated by the same things. Realizing this truth will change your communication, self-esteem and even increase your self-confidence.

"Face count. A practical guide" is an original tool for discovering your life's mission. It would be good to give this book to graduates who are confused about what they want and choose their future profession based on fashion or their parents' recommendations.

The book explains how to find your way. And knowing it, choose a profession according to your talents. Also, this publication can become an impulse to change your life and turn your hobbies into work. The author himself likes to observe people and this led him to the original profession!

Algirdas Toliatas is a modern priest who knows how to reach people's hearts

Priest Algirdas Toliat's books slightly different from the first mentioned authors. Developing spirituality without moralizing and pomp. This is how the works of the writer could be described.

How did it happen that a priest writes bestsellers? I'm not kidding. The publishing house "Tyto Alba" says that Algirdas Toliat's books are one of the most successful among their publications. So what's the story here?

Algirdas Toliatas graduated from the priestly seminary in Vilnius, studied in France and Italy, after returning he took up the duties of a priest and started working as the chief police chaplain. Both with the police and the church community, he constantly organizes various social projects, and uses modern means for his parishioners, such as broadcasting mass on Facebook.

It didn't take long and many people began to trust the priest. Every Sunday he reads impromptu sermons, and one day representatives of the publishing house "Tyto Alba" offered to publish the texts in a book. This is how the trilogy of sermons was born, which is dedicated to the three main divine virtues - faith, hope and love.

Readers say that the priest's books leave a feeling of confidence, calm, remind about the most important values, and charge with good energy. In his texts, the author addresses both believers and non-believers.

difficult? Can't come to terms with the loss? Does it hurt? Sad? Are you looking for peace of mind and - why not - want to become a better person? In Algird's books you will find solace and much-needed answers.

"The Year of Man and God", "Swamp of Kindness" and "Sixth sense comes first"

These publications form a trilogy in which Algirds Toliat's sermons are collected. All books deal with psychological, spiritual, moral and value issues.

Algirdas Toliats reaches our life today through a religious point of view. Constant haste, indifference, social masks, competition - values that have become normal in our everyday life and because of them we forget mutual trust and respect.

The priest adapts the truths of the Bible to the times of the 21st century, where everything revolves around career, technology, social media, inability to stop, confusion, loneliness. We have become hypocritical, inactive, afraid to change, to be ourselves, we no longer know how to apologize. After all, this is a perfectly structured reality today, don't you agree?

When discussing the aforementioned problems, Algirdas Toliats not only considers the causes, but also offers solutions. And if we can find the answer to getting out of the situation we've gotten ourselves into in books, they deserve to be on the bedside table. Having laid out his thoughts, the author does not let us go in all four directions. Each sermon reminds us that we can all change, but we have to want to! Why not start now?

As I have already said, the author dedicates his texts to everyone, not only believers, and Christian values do not conflict with human values.

In conclusion. I introduced you to the most widely read Lithuanian authors of self-development and personal and spiritual development. All of them willingly share their experiences and offer tools for exchange. Just take it, just do it. Not enough books? Come to sermons, trainings, consultations, seminars... When you are given so many tools, it would be a shame to continue to lie on the couch and dream about what your life would look like if you trusted yourself more or got along better with others. Start improving today!