Being rich does not mean having a lot of euros

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If you want to be rich, quit your job. Quit it.

Because being rich doesn't mean having lots of euros. In fact, it never has meant that, although some magazines rank the rich in terms of euros...

Don't be afraid, I'm not talking about spiritual wealth. To hell with that. Well, okay, maybe keep it - it's more useful than euros because it affects every corner of your life, even when there are no euros.

But I'm talking about feelings.

...No, not love! There are more feelings!

Because, you know, there are some people who don't enjoy being in one place. They don't feel they are doing enough. They feel that others have achieved more... So you have to work! Work, work, work. Work it baby. Twerk it baby. Drive, drive, drive, drive! Come on, don't stop, don't stop, it's got to be done!

But I'm not talking about laziness and why it's so important to learn to live with it, to enjoy the moment. I'm about your contentment.

When does a person become rich?
When it's enough for him.


And you can reach the "I'm happy with what I have" state in two ways:

  1. To keep up with ever-growing needs (yes, they will grow);
  2. Change your thinking and learn to be happy with less.

Some will argue that the first way is better. After all, it's the reason for the economic boom!

But we can use exactly the same argument in reverse. The same reason that caused the world's biggest ecological disaster (which inevitably costs the economy as well) has also caused a social catastrophe: with the economic slowdown (it cannot go on and on), millions, even billions, of people have been left, are left, will be left, unhappy with what they have today.

And why the rise at all? Just to boost the economy? What the hell is the economy? Are we the people or the economy!?

You can learn to live with less.

Yes, it's learned - everything in your head is replaced, regardless of the morbid need to smoke, chat, get angry, jealous, demand. Everything in your head is replaced.

  • You can refuse.
  • Change.
  • Buy something more reliable, something that will bring you more joy for longer.

But most importantly, learn to live with what you have. Because only then will you be truly rich.

The assets are not in a bank account. It's in your head.

To be rich is to have enough.

And that is enough.

What do you think?