Why is laziness healthy, productive and otherwise beneficial? [LRT interviews Debesyla]

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Laziness is often considered a weakness. It would seem that if you are lazy, you will waste your life. This is nonsense, because laziness has many benefits!

(And the biggest advantage of laziness is not only that then you have time to watch that series that everyone recommends to you.)

About the benefits of laziness I wrote a whole book. But I was also interviewed for the first time about the same thing On the LRT radio show "Here and now":

Oh, and also, a little later, after the publication of this book in its second edition, he also spoke On the LRT TV show "Good Morning, Lithuania":

I wrote this book especially for my readers, who told me that being lazy is, well, bad. I was lazy to tell them that laziness is not bad and that's why I wrote this invitation: "The Lazy Manifesto".

You can buy it online today, 1 in bookstores 2 and listen in audio format. 3

...Let's relax together! ☕🦥

  1. Straight from my publisher.

  2. "Knygos.lt"Pegasus and in the furrow.

  3. "Audioteka.lt", where, by the way, I recorded the audio recording with my own voice! 🙂