What would happen if you gave up all copyright?

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At a time when major news portals such as Delfi or Lrytas are stealing content (texts, photos, videos) without any fear...

...It is often said how important it is to protect your creative rights.

Beware, because your work will be stolen, taken away, sold and raped. Protect it.
If you see a thief, sue him.

But what if you give up your creative rights? And, say, articles and texts, videos and music, would you make them completely open?

I won't pick ideas, but here are a few:

a) Such openness is a distinctive feature that attracts attention. When everyone is protecting you, you are not. When everyone protects, not protecting makes you special. This will inevitably attract the attention of your friends and, most likely, the same media.
b) You can't see all the thieves. You can devote your energies to catching thieves, but is it really worth it? Is it better to just create more and better?
c) Thieves won't build better than you. Even the authors who love your work the most (as in Justė Latauskienė's story "Phoenix") will not do as well as you. Because creativity is not about making the moment happen, it requires years of skills and experience that only you have.
d) If you put yourself into your work, it can't be stolen without arousing suspicion. That is why my letters and texts are so personally strange. And an Andrius Mamontovas concert without Andrius Mamontovas wouldn't work very well either.
e) Creation is for sharing, not keeping. If you want to keep the ideas, please go ahead. But it's much better to share ideas, to spread them, to infect others with brains.

When creativity is locked away, it is of little use to society. And neither do you, because no one knows you. When it's open, you benefit more. Copyright abandonment is the way to simple, focused and truly valuable (not a quick buck) creativity.

But - what do you think?


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