When do crazy challenges become crazy? Kinky vibration frequencies

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Here are two questions: a) When does a challenge become crazy? And b) When does a crazy challenge become too crazy?

How does it look to you? Where are the boundaries between habits, simple actions and "God-help-me-not" challenges? Could it be that the transformation of one into the other is best described by the frequency with which your kink shakes?

For example:

1) Habit - when the knees are not moving. The frequency is 0 Hz, zero percent on our imaginary scale. It is a robust but somewhat boring life.
2) Simple activities - the kinkos vibrate at 50 Hz. About five percent.
3) Unusual activities - the knuckles shake at 100 Hz. Ten percent.
4) The challenge - the kinkos are already shaking quite noticeably, around 350 Hz. Thirty-five percent.
5) The crazy challenge - the knuckles shake so much that you have to hold on. That's roughly 600 Hz, or 60% of the scale!
6) The height of insanity - when your legs are, to put it mildly, failing and your brain is beating the cottage cheese out of you. Or yoghurt. Brrrr, ra-ta-ta. That's 850 Hz, 85 per cent.

And then...

7) Willingness to die. Or when an idea is abandoned. Not because one wants to give it up, but because the body uses its inhibitions and becomes obsessed with fear - a 1000 Hz kink tremor.

...And what frequency do you shake your kink at?

Do you live a life of habits, where there is no growth, but no kink? Or are you someone who occasionally breaks out of your shell and reaches at least the 350 Hertz mark? Or do you go higher?

I believe that Challenge frequency is the best frequency for everyday life. Because it helps you grow. That's why this month I'm repeating disconnecting from the internet. Getting your legs to shake and your head to put knowledge into your brain - that can be overcome too.

How does it look to you?

Measuring frequencies,

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