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Goal of the day: 938 words. Written: 952.

I stood up more steadily and shifted the gun to my right hand, picking it up so that it was convenient to throw.

"I won't have a way to absorb your blood from here," whispered Stone.

"Oh yeah, sure."

I glanced at my left hand. The blood began to flow after only a few moments and Joe seemed to absorb all the blood that came out.

"How much blood does he drink?"

But there was no time for those thoughts, I decided to ask Akmens about it later. Get out of here.

- Get ready, - began to syllabify Gabriele, screaming louder and louder, - to be behind-do-mi-nuo-ta!

Suddenly, her dildo began to glow red and grow longer and wider. Gabrielle stood holding him with both hands, her eyes wide as she watched him grow and stood with a full grin.

"What a?? Is it still increasing??”

I threw my hand away... I grabbed it and threw it at Gabriela!

Joe glowed red as he spun and bam! Gabrielle knocked him back with a blow of her sword!

Joe came back to my hand and I squealed and threw him back again, the other way! But Gabrielle parried it this time too, completely ignoring my punch.

"What a!?"

- I said. For-do-mi-nuo-ta! - said Gabriele, - You will not pass through my shield. And when my tool expands enough, I will crush you in one blow!

Gabrielle laughed maniacally, and the gun got really long.

"What should I do!?"

I didn't know what to do, the room I was in was damn small and I was already getting claustrophobic. And I don't know how I would have avoided her blow. I glanced at the door and made my way towards it.

- Well, you won't leave my house anywhere without a goodbye hug! - Gabriela shouted.

- Be careful! cried the stone at the same moment.

But Joe warned too late. Rimbo's strike went over the shoulder and back.

I screamed in pain and fell to the ground. I almost fell because I was about to stand up. However, Gabrielle's sword, which turns out to be as flexible as a snake, immediately returned from the other side and charged again. This time through the ear and all over the cheek, leaving a searing pain.

"Hell no!"

I turned and threw Joe across the room at Gabrielle in a rage. But this time he was repelled. I threw again. Repulsed. Again. Repulsed. Again. Repulsed. Again. Repulsed. Again. Repulsed. Again. Repulsed. Again. He fought back and laughed. Again, starting to suffocate. And he fought back again.

- I told you that I was accepted for this job for a reason! Tigresses like you I often have to tame. You think you're the first!? Gabrielle laughed as I sniffed.

"I know her weak point!" - Akmuo suddenly shouted.

"What?" Where?”

"What, are you tired, baby?" Would you like to be in the arms of great aunt Gabriela? Gabrielle sneered.

- Get busy as usual. But when I say yes, throw me on the floor. It should be to the left of the sofa, right, Akmuo began to explain to me quietly.

I nodded a few times, not really understanding what exactly the weapon was going to do, but under the thunder, you could try. If only that's how I finish off that maggot.

"What, seriously?" Do you want a hug? - Gabriela was surprised, her eyes swollen, lowering her weapon.

That was all I needed. I immediately jumped to the left as far as I could, which is only one step, and intended to throw a rock at Gabrielle.

- Ah, you liar! Gabrielle shouted, raising her gun back and scowling.

And I threw! I twisted my arm as if I were throwing normally, but I threw to the floor.

Joe flashed blue and bounced off the floor a step away from Gabrielle… And with a thump and crack, the green spark bounced back at her! Only this time it was not a direct blow, but from below.


- Go for this! shouted his signature catchphrase A Stone Named Joe. And snarled while twisting into Gabriele's lower jaw.

Gabrielle even rose into the air from the impact and flew back standing a few steps, screaming in pain. But my kicking didn't end there, as Joe just as soon as he started to spin back came back into my hand and I let him go again. This time, Joe didn't let anyone stop Gabrielle, and he slammed down, sending the sparks straight into her chest again.

Gabriele was finally knocked off her feet by the blow, and she fell with all her weight on her back, on the ground. Her head was barely a centimeter away from the windowsill. The dishes left in the cupboards even shook as Gabriela hit the floor.

- Bwargh! - she cried out while lying down, spitting blood.

Several of her teeth were lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

"It seems to me that she will not resist anymore."

"I told you I don't play games," I said, standing with the returned stone in my hand and looking at the squirming Gabrielle.

"Oh, how hard I said it!"

"Finish her!" - Akmuos called me with a sudden hiss, flashing red.

"Finish? …No, I do not want…"

"No, she's not worth it," I said.

I didn't want to finish off or even kill Gabrielle at all. Why should I do this?

- But! Joe began to object, "She's a council member." She's one of the ones who put me in the tornado under the Arena!

- What? Council? you? - I was surprised. Gabrielle looked at me while spitting, but she didn't seem to have the strength to stand up or the will to do anything else and continued to snort and bleed.

"I didn't tell you?" So I was created by the weapons department of this goddamn city council a few or a dozen, who knows how many years ago... - Joe made a dramatic pause, - ...And then they threw some kind of thing or garbage into that goddamn tornado of weapons!

- You? - I was surprised looking at the Stone. I don't really know why I was surprised, because I couldn't even think of any other version of his past, but hey, it was still new. Especially when your interlocutor is in your hand.

- Yes, yes, me! - said the Stone irritably, - Now let's do it to the end! Who did she say she was - director of the animal lab??

I did not quite understand, this is a rhetorical question or a serious one.

- ... Well, similar, - I muttered, trying to understand which version it was.

- Behold! - he snapped, - so the Animal Labs test animals and see what kind of magical powers they have that could be used to create magical crystals. For people like me!

"For people like you?" - I was surprised.

Gabriele spat and spoke once again with Akmeni:

"You understand that at this moment, while..."

- Yes, for people like me! god Well…

- ...you are talking to yourself, the Council is already coming...

– …or those like me. Not for those…

"...guard, right?" - she opened her bloody mouth without several teeth.

- ...for smart ones like me. Joe retorted haughtily.

"Oh my god, they're talking together again!" I do not understand anything!"

I tried to grasp both things that both speakers were saying at the same time. But it was quite difficult. Kind of like simultaneously thinking about how to survive and where I live right now.


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