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Goal of the day: 1078 words. Written: 1122.

"You moron, stopwatch."
- Well, hey, look at it. Who builds stupid toilets and shacks like skyscrapers? What kind of mind does it take to come up with that?

"You don't need intelligence here," Jonas tilted his head, "all you need here is a lot of money." And what's the difference to you? Does it hurt? Want to fuck?

John and Tom slept together.

- Morons. - I cursed silently, - There were beautiful meadows here, I used to herd sheep when I was a child... And now, in the middle of the meadow, there is a whole giant. And look at all those fortifications and cannons and the devil like that.

Some rocket came again from the south. Once again leaving a trail of smoke and clouds behind.

"And look, all kinds of crap is flying and spoiling the air," I pointed with my finger, extending it.

John sighed. And I understood the essence of my words - so blah, they fly to the town built by Gauja and Babkii Karalias only from toilets, bidets and similar forms of toilet facilities. I had sex together, a little wobbly from long-term smoking.

"It's important that they give babkies," Tom practically shot, "and nothing else matters." And if we do the work today, you will see - we will return home rich in the evening.

- Or drunk as slippers, if we come back at all, - said Jonas again, as soon as he finished laughing.

- His, or if we come back. I heard that one of those red urinals has a good brother, - I added, also pouting.

The train continued to approach the town of Gauja YYY. And white, gray and several brightly colored buildings of various shapes rose to the top, in the middle of these fields of our country.

Not so long ago, they didn't exist at all, but after Babkiai Karalius opened a business with toilet facilities, it appeared in just a few months and years.

Impregnable fortress of the Gang. And no other Gang or even the damn Great, sarcastically, City will stand against us. The King of Babkie rules everything here.
* * *

The rocket didn't last long. Probably because of her tremendous speed. Due to her speed, the trip was not long, just a few minutes, and during it I could hardly do anything or even speak - I was pressed to the seats by the acceleration.

Moments, maybe minutes ago, we had reached what was probably the highest point of our flight and had risen high above the clouds. Somewhere far away from the City I woke up in.

And now Antonio flew me to an unknown place and through the main screens of the ship in the front I saw the land and a small but tall town of white buildings approaching in front of us.

"Some kind of fortress, maybe?"

- Your blood pressure has slowed down! Naoki snapped, as if I were listening to statistics about my blood pressure, "You're still alive?"

"It sure as hell slowed down!" So you see me pressed against this fucking seat!”

But I just giggled. But it was still difficult for me to breathe under that pressure.

The city was coming towards us and the front of the rocket was going down.

“Pala… How are we going to stop? Shall we crash? MY GOD??"

I turned to Antonio as much as I could, but I couldn't see Antonio through the sides of the chair, his head was too deep into him.

And then, surprising even myself, I resigned myself to my fate very quickly.

“Well, he could have killed me without killing me. Everything, I hope, maybe, please, oh God please, maybe, will be fine. Maybe.”

The closer the ship got to the city, the more it sloped down. And it looked like we were flying right into the middle of a giant building, a cavity in the middle of it.

My point was not wrong. And a moment later we splashed into some green liquid.

The rocket stopped instantly! …And with her stopping, I shot forward from the chair along with Stone.

My flight was short and nice. Right into the crystal panel of the control missile, with his full face, wrapped ribs, outlined hand, and the Stone in his hand.

The ship's control panel sputtered as it shattered into several hundred pieces, its surface etched with regular fractures of the crystal.

- My God! Antonio shouted behind me, "Are you okay?"

"Damn it!" - cursed Naoki, who rolled somewhere, whom I managed to let go of my hands out of fear during the short flight.


- Oooooh, - I hummed.

Then I pushed my palms away from the rocket's computer screen, which became a cracked glass floor. The pieces of crystal glass were broken in smooth lines, as befits crystals. And etched into my palms. And they had my blood on them.


A drop of blood with a crystal shard fell from my forehead.

- Wait, I'll be right there. - shouted Antonio and I heard him scratching something behind me. Probably unbuckling his seat, - Oh, wait, no, the ship is about to turn back.

"About to turn back?"

Before he could do anything, as Antonio said, the ship did. And with almost the same acceleration, probably caught in the liquid, it tilted and rolled back onto its bottom. I, of course, fell backwards off the vertical screen again onto the floor of the ship. Small pieces of crystal flew with me and I landed on my butt on something hard and uncomfortable.

- Oh my god! I shouted in pain. I was already starting to choke, - What did I do to be tortured like this? Why again my…

- Shikna! Naoki's muffled voice interjected before he could finish.

- ...Shikna, - I finished.

"Oh my God, it's Joe!"

In what appears to be some cosmic coincidence, Naoki's roll across the floor coincided with my flight path away from the missile's control center.

I quickly rolled to the side and pulled Joe out from underneath.

- You couldn't think of a better place to fly to, could you!? - the Stone shouted at me indignantly, flashing blue.

- Hey! - I snapped at him, - So I didn't know where I was going, how could I turn around! You should be glad that you haven't crawled under my back yet, because I would probably be an invalid by now!

- Oh, oh! - shouted Joe sarcastically, - The invalid appeared! And the fact that you stuffed my whole body into your big, ugly, smelly ass doesn't matter, does it!?

"Blemba, I hate you so much sometimes!" I growled back at him, waving my hand back and forth and not deciding whether to throw him across the room and possibly accidentally break him, or just shake him and give him some kind of headache. If he feels it from shaking and fanning.

Antonio suddenly burst out laughing behind me.

"And you know, you were already very charming in the bar when you talked to your gun." - grinning and looking at me, he unhooked the seat belts from his chair. - You remind me, when once in my childhood I also had an imaginary friend, a TV remote control. Good times.

Antonio pouted again as he stood up.

"What?" An imaginary friend? What else? Naoki??”

- What? - without understanding anything, I shook my head, looking at Antonio, - What imaginary friend?

"Here's your gun." - he tapped with his finger, coming closer to Antonio, - What did you say his name was?

Antonio crouched down next to me and touched my forehead with his fingers. I pulled back a bit but let him touch whatever he wanted to look at.

"You know," said Antonio, "that blood is not good."

I felt a trickle of blood slowly run down my forehead and drip onto my jumper. I bent down to look at it and then a dozen more drops fell.


"I thought you knew..." Naoki trailed off quietly.

- Stoksi, let's go to the medical point to check you. You're pretty beat up,” Antonio held out his hand to me, continuing to ignore Naoki's words.

I looked at Antonio's hand and took it with my good palm. A slight pain was implanted in some new spot, I guess from the fall on the screen, but I just gritted my teeth harder.

I stood up and shook my head a little. I did not feel a headache, but the drops of blood did not stop running. Then I bent down, enduring the recurring back colic, took Naoki in my hand and stood up. I could feel him immediately clinging to the small scratches from the glass and crystals on my palm, probably stopping the bleeding while enjoying the blood at the same time. I looked at it in the palm of my hand.

"I do not understand anything. What are they talking about? One one, the other the other..."

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