[Letter] I'm crawling, crawling, naked bears

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Pump, pump, bear,

I'm sorry you didn't come,

Although it's fun without you,

More fun with you.

* * *

Our cat is screaming again, as if it is being slaughtered. She has this strange hobby (apart from lying down in the middle of dark corridors) - at night, when everyone in the house is going to bed, she runs her throat and sings operas.

Why does she choose this time?

I don't know, but I guess because she knows - that's how she'll find an audience. When does it get so quiet in the house more than at night, and when do our ears become our best-functioning sensory organs, apart from our skin?

* * *

It's probably the same reason why your roommate's cat, Violet, loves to climb on your face and clean (or urinate on) it with her little wiggly tongue. Like every other cat in the world, she loves attention.

Cats are interesting creatures. Sometimes they come and put their head in your lap and can snore quietly. Sometimes, when they stand on the other side of the toilet door, they meow as if asking why you left them outside. Sometimes they come as soon as you call them. Sometimes they stand in the doorway and can't decide where they want to go.

There are moments when I think I could be a very cute cat.

* * *

If you were an animal, you would probably be a bear. Did you know that?

Why a bear?

Simple. You're as fat as she is. You're ugly like her. You're strong like her. You're caring, like her. Your coat is short and soft, like hers. You're a prude, like her. You're a sharp-eyed (or sharp-faced) woman, like her. You are a pleasure to cuddle up to, like her. Until, of course, she scratches your back with her claws and teeth.

* * *

At home, I like to be naked.

It's just a pity that my window doesn't have a curtain, I live with my parents (for the time being) and my room is the third coldest, after the pantry and the balcony.

But when I sleep, especially in summer, I take every opportunity.

Sleeping like this makes me feel like I'm swimming in the ocean. I feel freer than I ever was. I feel open and pure. I can feel the touch of the fresh sheets against my back, my bottom, my thighs, my stomach and my crotch. I feel everything around me and at the same time I soon feel nothing... I soon fall asleep.

One of my biggest secret dreams is to sleep, at some point in the future, with the girl I love in my arms. Naked. And no, don't imagine pornography. I don't need it. I just crave that easy chastity.

* * *

Are you wondering how these letters relate to each other?

Read them again. They are related.

Naked cat,

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