A story about a boy and a girl: With moss-scented jeans, letters and moles

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Goal of the day: 245 words. Written: only 244!?

He laid his head on the girl's thin, jeans-tight legs...

...He closed his eyes. And instantly, as he had learnt to do during his last years in the monastery, he put all thoughts out of his head.

The girl's legs, though as thin as the rest of her body, were soft enough for the boy to imagine her sleeping on moss. The image came to him as soon as he thought of it.

We cannot be sure why he imagined this. But we can guess that it might be because he was sleeping in the woods just a few days ago with his head down. Or maybe it was because the girl's jeans, after a long day of mushroom picking, still had the smell of the forest in them.

- Alex," the girl said softly to the boy.

Alex didn't answer, and the girl immediately realised he was asleep. Yes, as only he can fall asleep, after all his crazy antics in the woods and at the typewriter.

Alex's warm, literal letter was still on the table. The girl looked up from the boy's face and found the first line of the letter. It was the same as always: 'My dear Aiste'.

Aiste did not need to read any further, as she already knew the letter by heart, as well as hundreds of letters she had received before. She sighed softly, lowered her eyes again and, probably out of habit, started counting the moles on the boy's face. There were sixteen.

Sixteen small moles in the shape of a droplet, scattered loosely across the face of the man she loves. She smiled. After all, it was her favourite number.


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