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Hello, my name is Daniel. …And I'm still looking for who I am.

Who am I?


These questions have been running through my mind probably since the moment I gained my awareness as a person. As far as I have heard, this happens around the sixth or seventh year of life. Maybe I'm wrong, but my head gives me this information.

I'm a guy. Man. I was born, at least. And I consider myself one, at least. And I have a device between my legs that can pop my head up when I start thinking about girls. At least.

I'm not sure when you can consider yourself a man. I am still searching for the answer to this question, as I am for many other questions.

"A man does what a man's got to do," says an old saying. And I stick to it - I do what a man, that is me, is supposed to do - I mostly forget about what makes a man manly and act the way I think a man should act.

I'm not sure if what I do often is masculine. But it doesn't matter to me - I'm a man and I do what I want. I have that right, right?

I was born in Lithuania, in the second largest city - Kaunas, probably doomed to live life in second place.

But it's not something I don't like. On the contrary, I often don't like to be in the first place myself. Well, it's fun to be the best of them all, yes, but with big wins comes addiction. After winning first place, will I keep it next year? What if not? What contest should I win first place in now? And what to do next after winning?

I never liked addiction.

I have always been what some of my closest friends have described as "independent". I like the freedom to do what I want. And if I don't have that freedom, I create it.

Being the first would take away freedom. Being the leader that everyone looks up to would take away the freedom to do things that most people think a leader shouldn't do.

No, I'm not the leader. Instead, it's much more fun for me to be the leader's right (or left, if he's left-handed) hand. To be the one who advises, helps and fixes everything that Mr. President can't fix. I imagine myself as some kind of prime minister. Only maybe a little less visible - for example, some dictator's MP. After all, there are those too, but you hear even less about them.

I'm not one to shy away from publicity. God, no. Maybe that's why I started writing Cloud.

“Here,” I say to my imaginary reader, “I'm going to teach you what I know, I'm going to show you a part of me that no one ever thought was there. become my friend And I will help you."

So, I'm a man. And I like girls.

My taste, it's true, is somewhat unusual. That is, probably somewhat unpopular. Blonde with big tits? Never pulled. Smart, bespectacled brunettes? Something better, but still not the same. Red-haired party lions? Better.

…Girls with short hair, wearing brightly colored clothes, brave and maybe even a little tomboyish (thin, sporty, spontaneous)?

That's what I'm talking about.

Now tell me - are there many such girls who would fit into the last category, called Tomboys in English? Not much. And when I see such girls, I immediately like them. Naturally. You know, maybe my genes are saying "Come on, Daniel!" Inseminate that woman!". And yes, those genes are nasty sexists.

Why exactly such girls? Why is it important to be bright and bold?

I do not know. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've never been the bravest guy in the world. Well, maybe it got better after a few years of challenges and experiences, but for most of my life, until I met my first girlfriend just after I turned 19, I wasn't very brave.

Maybe I'm not even now. Maybe. I don't know, no one calls me a coward anymore. But sometimes I feel afraid. I'm afraid to tell a girl that I love her. Because I don't want to bore her or scare her or disappoint myself in the future.

...And I had many other experiences.

i am the one for whom money is not very important. For whom the most important thing is to be happy. The most important thing is to be free. The most important thing is to love and be loved.

My simple wishes. And it's good that at least some of them almost always come true.

And I'm still not sure who I am.

Only that I must be Daniel.

Nice to meet!


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