#Soul in Stone (7)

365 texts fiction Soul in stone
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 769 words. Written: 774.

The crowd roared, but he broke it off:

- Welcome to the GREAT KAUNAS ARENA, girls! he shouted at me dramatically, lowering his voice on the last word and uttering an address that was probably intended as a mockery of me.

I just gasped, gasped, cupped the stone in my palm and stood up a little more comfortably. I still hadn't moved from the circular elevator I used to go up, but I didn't think of running anywhere else. Especially when everywhere can be full of all kinds of traps and you don't know what. And I wasn't even sure why I was here at all and for what purpose I ended up here.

- Don't be afraid! he shouted dramatically. - Your death will be easy and quick! I'm not like the previous winner! I'm not some kind of animal.

Having said that, he turned to the balcony or the square standing, flying or not knowing how he was holding on to my left and winked with a pointed finger. His words and actions seem to have caught the crowd's attention, and the crowd roared and chanted again. It wasn't clear what exactly it was from that far away, but it was definitely rhythmic and repetitive.

"Because I, girls," he continued, turning to me, "am Ovidius Polite!" I just come and rack my brains and collect my reward. Nothing more.

Turning around, he finally turned to the right now, raised his hammer, waved it, and bowed to the crowd, which began to roar like a tornado. The chanting grew louder and louder. Suddenly I realized that the crowd was chanting his name!

"People know him!"

- Who is he? - I snarled at the stone through my teeth, not turning away from my new, obvious rival until defeat or even death.

"I can't even imagine," he flashed red and fell silent. Then after a moment, in a more urgent and maybe even scared voice, he added, - Oh, wait, you know how to use me??


I looked at the stone in my hand.

“Damn it. So I'll probably have to fight somehow. And this stone is… My weapon!? What did I get out of that damn tornado down there!??”

"I have no idea," I blurted out. My head hurts again, or it hasn't even stopped, so it hurts even more.

- And now we will fight! Ovidius shouted to me, standing up in a dramatic pose. I didn't quite understand, he was making fun of me or it was just his style, working out and gutting all kinds of poses, either by raising your finger to the sky, or by puffing out your chest, it's something else.

"Wait," I yelled back at him. Ovid raised an eyebrow, "What if I don't want to fight?" - I asked.

Ovid paused for a moment. And it was probably only after a pause that the idea of what I said came to his head. And then he burst out laughing!

- Hey! - I shouted, starting to get nervous again, - I'm serious! Where am I anyway? Why am I here? And what kind of people are you all? And what do you want from me!??

However, my monologue seems to have only provoked an even bigger burst of laughter from Ovid.


Then, as suddenly as he had begun to laugh, Ovid stopped. And throwing the hammer off his shoulder, he took it in one hand. Somehow he managed to grab the handle of the insanely thick hammer with one hand, but I couldn't figure out how he did it - either he really has some kind of tentacles in his hands, or it's a very strange optical illusion.

"Maiden, you knew where you would end up when you dared to defy the council of the Great World City of us all!" The city's magic and crystal powers are not for you, traitor! And you know -, - Ovidius began to drive with a monologue.

"But I don't remember anything!" – interrupting his conversation, I shouted and maybe a little too energetically shook my hands, – I don't remember ANYTHING! Nothing.

"Girl, do you think that's a sufficient excuse, against the accent of Ovid's Polite Justice?" Against the will of our City Council? Against all that is good and holy?

"I…," I started, but before I could say anything, I was interrupted again by Ovid.

- No! he shouted, raising his hammer in the air as if he were holding a small mallet in his hand. It was beginning to look like his weapon was just a fake light toy, but that didn't explain how he was the first to shatter columns and statues with a single blow, Your death will be your release!

The crowd roared and went wild. Suddenly there was a deafening thump of a drum or something like that, and Ovidius, clutching his hammer in both hands, stood up as if he were ready to jump on me.

"Aaaarr," Ovid yelled, starting to run towards me. I, tensing my muscles, immediately clutched the stone in my hands and turned around and started running away towards the temple behind me.

“Oh my god, what to do!? What to do!?"

- Right, run right! - shouted the Stone. I let myself run there. To the right was something like a path with columns built on either side. Something flew very close to my head, but I didn't have time to look for a moment to see what it was.

I turned to Ovidius as I ran. He didn't stop and came towards me, almost red all over and using his hammer to lay waste to the columns, sculptures and other junk that was now between him and me.

- Faster! - Akmuo shouted, as if I had stood there. But I didn't need to say that, I ran as fast as I could anyway.

A few moments later I reached the end of the alley and in front of me was a flat square square. I let myself run even faster to her.

- Wait! Soooooooo! - shouted the stone to me, almost at the entrance of the alley. I started to stand and looked at the stone, then turned to Ovid, who was already almost out of the rubble and into the alley.

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