[Start of Challenge] Challenge 365: Write 1% more each day than the previous day.

365 texts

When I started writing more than five years ago, my skills were so good that I used to write the word "thank you" as "thank you", it took me half a day to write a paragraph, and almost every sentence ended with 🙂 and similar emoticons.

Now I get compliments on my writing, and I'm considered a better than average writer.

But this is not enough for my creative worm.

The inner creature called "Build Better" doesn't sleep. It's awake again... And like a true satanic earthworm, it's on its way to eat the bedtime meal and whatever else you left in the fridge.

And, driven by this worm, I want to write better, faster, more, funnier, more interesting, -iau, -iau, -iau. I want to write like Haruki Murakami, Stephen King or at least Antanas Škėma.

So: time for a new challenge.

Write 1% more every day than I wrote yesterday. And do it for one year. Starting with 100 words on the first day and ending with 3,741 on the 365th.

And, perhaps, I will feed the creativity worm. Maybe I'll order a pizza to his house, maybe I'll make him a salad. By feeding it, I'll learn to write, to create, to release long-held ideas into the world. And after all that, I will be able to feed a fat worm to the Bird of Happiness.

Let's see what happens.

P.S. You can follow my progress on this blog and on my personal Facebook page.

Starting again,

Renewed: I stopped the challenge!

Eleven months later - I'm stopping the challenge so I can disconnect from the internet for a month and write a new book. I'll tell you what I've learnt from the writing challenge when I get back!

Updated 2: And I have described the challenge!

Here is the report. I'm quite happy 😉

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