Pessimism is NOT negativity (like optimism doesn't mean anything good)

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Optimism and positivity are unrelated (just like pessimism and negativity). Let me illustrate:

a) Optimism. The attitude that everything will be OK.
b) Pessimism. The attitude that everything will be bad.
c) Realism. A phrase repeated by cowards who dare not admit that they are thinking optimistically or pessimistically in one situation or another.

If I believe I will live to be 100, I am optimistic. If I believe I will die at 48, I am pessimistic.

But that has nothing to do with:

a) Positivity. When you see the positive parts.
b) Negativity. When you see the negative parts.
c) Po**uism. Some are not valued at all.

If I believe that I will live until I am 48, but it's no big deal because it's still fun to live, I am positive. If I believe that I will live to 100, but it will be bad because of retirement, thieves in the parliament, war, etc., I am negative.


a) I am optimistic that I will live a long life. But I only appreciate and highlight the negatives!
b) And here the attitude is pessimistic, we won't have long to live. But I'll be fine anyway; I'm bringing out the positives!

An optimistic forecast means that the future will be fine. But it's part of the attitude - will you pay attention to the positive parts or the negative parts?

For example.

Over the next 100 years, the Earth's temperature is likely to rise by around two degrees Celsius, wiping out most animal species and exacerbating storms that are already raging.

Optimistic forecast: Temperatures will only increase by one degree.
Pessimistic forecast: It will increase by three degrees or more.

In the first case you can still argue that the earth has shoes on and it's not worth the effort, it's too late, and so on. This is a negative attitude that does not do any good, even though the forecast is optimistic.

In the second case can suggest that, at least then, we might realise how important it is to protect the environment. This is a positive attitude, which is at least reassuring, despite the pessimistic forecast.

Optimism and pessimism; positive and negative. Don't mix the two.

Not a realist,

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