#Soul in Stone (5)

365 texts fiction Soul in stone
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 754 words. Written: 759.

- Amazing fight! - the announcer's rich voice was heard through all the crystal-speakers of the arena - Wonderful! Do you agree with me!?

The crowd went wild with joy and energy. Lukas was not far behind.

- Well then, because today's games are not over yet! - the crowd roared again - Because we have an exclusive fight for you. Do you want to see it right now!?

The crowd roared almost twice as loud. I don't know how this is possible, but it turns out - it is possible.

- Then I present to you a fight between one woman... - the presenter began and made a dramatic pause, - ...And our champion for the third time today, Ovidijus Trešniauskas [[Ovidijus often spits dice?]]!

One figure, Ovidius, rose from the victor's arena, grabbed his crystal hammer, threw off his cloak, and jumped onto the transport crystal that hadn't even made it to the arena yet. The crowd cheered because not every fighter dared to risk his life THREE times a day for money and crystals.

- Well, you already know about Ovid yourself, - laughed the announcer through the loudspeakers, - so let me tell you about the woman who is about to stand in front of him!

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a few more military automatons fly over the arena, but I no longer paid attention to them. The Game is about to start in the arena.

– This girl was a member of the City Council… Yet she dared to reach into our Great City's Well and its power! - the announcer was interrupted by the shouts of the enraged crowd, so he waited a few moments and continued even more enthusiastically, - So Our Grand Council removed the memory of this woman and gave her to the Game. If she wins, she will be exiled to the other end of the world. If she loses, her soul will be erased from the face of this earth.

The crowd roared. Lukas moved his hands again, almost like a mill. It's a good thing that none of the girls he tried to impress at the club yesterday saw him, because they certainly wouldn't have wanted to hang out with him now. I laughed.

- So... I present to you... Giles, ex-member of the City Council!

* * *

The floor vibrated and rumbled, lifting me up. I looked at me clutching a thing, a creature, a crystal or I don't know what else to call it. It flashed red and bounced in all directions.

"Let me jump into your hand," he said.

I glared at him, looked around at the sliding walls around me and went down anyway. Even though my hand was covered in blood, from my fingers to somewhere under the black sleeve of my garment, the bleeding itself seemed to have stopped.

So, bending down, I pulled the thread wrapped around my hand... And suddenly it started to wrap itself and jumped into my palm, and a bright red light shone again.

- Hmmm! - hummed like a stone from pleasure.

- Who are you? I asked, still annoyed. I sounded calmer and more confident to myself than I felt. With the earth rumbling around, mysterious rustlings and traveling in the unknown, it was hard to stay calm.

– I am Naoki Goro Tishimura Kamato Tayama!

"It doesn't answer anything."

– No… In that sense, what kind of thing!? - pulling it away from me in my hand, I started to examine it.

"I am Naoki Goro Tishimura Kama..." the stone started again, but I managed to cut him off.

- No, in that sense... What kind of THING are you? - I repeated, emphasizing the last word so that it would probably be clear to an idiot that I am not asking for the name.

- Well, I am Naoki Goto Tishimura Kamato Tajama! he spat back.

I sighed and squeezed it tighter in my hand. This time, the crystal wasn't soft like Jacob's, but rather hard, solid, and angular, as one would expect from his appearance.

- Hey, hey, stop pushing, you bastard!

"You know what I'm asking, don't you?"

The stone laughed and let go of its thread and unwound a little from my hand. Now I saw that there was a groove in its sides, into which the thread would melt and probably twist. However, he put the short end on my arm, but I didn't resist it yet.

"Of course I know, you idiot," he laughed, mocking again.

- Hey! - I shouted, pressing him a little again, - I'm not a fool! You are like that!

The stone laughed.

- Okay, okay. I am your weapon. And look up, I think you'll need me. It will be very necessary.


I looked up. And indeed, the yellowish light began to be replaced by white... And something white and bright was visible above. A man's voice could be heard saying something indistinctly, and then a decreasing, then increasing rustle.

I gripped the Stone tighter because it was the only thing I had. And the warmth and hardness of the Stone gave it some solidity.

I felt myself starting to sweat again.

* * *

The higher I went, the more light poured into my hole, which I now realized was a big elevator to nowhere. At last I began to see the threshold at the top, to which I was ascending. And after reaching a level of maddened rustling, I finally saw something at the top. Wall… Building… Tower… Something!

"Oh my God, where am I?"

"Hold me," said Stone calmly. But I didn't need to say that, I was already hooked on him. I still didn't know what I was holding in my hands, but it sure was solid, at least. Maybe I'll crack someone's head open if I have to.

"So... I present to you..." I heard a man's rich voice, but the crowd shouted over everything he said later and so I didn't understand what he was presenting. The stone in his hands flashed.

The pitch below me continued to rumble, and I was still going up.

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