#Soul in Stone (10)

365 texts fiction Soul in stone
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 792 words. Written: 799.

"And how would I know that?" he replied sarcastically. "So I've been locked in that fucking vortex of weapons and all kinds of junk downstairs the whole time!" The last time I was on the surface of the earth was perhaps several dozen years ago.

- A. - I couldn't really think of anything else to answer. Maybe my head just wasn't working very well at the moment.

However, our conversation was not destined to continue.

"Aaarghhh," I heard some kind of female moan in front of me. And I ran far ahead.

"Oh my god."

I gulped, or, again, instinctively. Something twisted in the middle. Here, under one of the many remnants of the Arena, now a block of some kind of stone steps, lay a blonde woman, probably of her own blood clan. Almost her whole body was pressed under the stones.

The woman looked at me with bulging eyes. He gasped, inhaled. I stood there looking at her not knowing what to do.

- Run away, we don't have time! - before I could think of anything, Akmuo interrupted my thoughts with an impatient voice.

The woman continued to look at me. As she moved slightly, a shadow of what must have been great pain crossed her face, and my heart sank.

"I have to do something!"

- Kutvëla. If you don't move, you'll lose your chance to get out of here. Do you see? The last spectators have already left the Arena. - Akmuos started urging impatiently. - And you can't help this anymore.

- Sha! - I shouted to Akmeni. The woman rolled her eyes at me. The pool of blood slowly expanded.

"Poooo, thunder!"

I gritted my teeth and gritted them. I clenched my fists tensely.

"Excuse me," I said to the woman, lowering my head and trying not to look her in the eyes.

The woman just watched me speechlessly, and I gritted my teeth again and let myself run away. Tears fell from his eyes. Not so much out of pity or anger at some people, but in general because of the tension of the last moments.

"Damn it! I need to find a way out!”

"To the right, now," Akmuos ordered urgently, as if nothing had happened.

I turned right. And I almost hit another giant rock. Only a few fingers away from the stone I managed to stop myself before headbutting him. I pushed back with my hands and took a step to the side and jumped into the gap I had missed. He led between several giant blocks of stone that looked like the inside of some kind of corridor, in one place even with a blown out wooden door frame.

- Where are you taking me? - I said to Akmenis, barely breathing.

I slowed myself down and stopped running, so I took steps. I needed to catch my breath because my lungs and leg muscles were on fire, and somewhere in my stomach something started to grow. It was just hard to tell whether it was from running or what Ovid did to me. Don't know what yet.

"Just go where I tell you," growled Stone.

And as if he did some magic trick, in a moment I was already out of the stone corridor. Although the air was thick with dust, I saw what I needed to see - the crumbling edge of a stone step. This one was knocked down by a stone from above.

The arena later appears to have been completely torn apart, and a part of its wall several tens of meters high has been completely cut into pieces. Beyond the Arena, large black shadows of probably other buildings and billows of black smoke could be seen. Red and yellow lights were flashing and I don't know what happened. I didn't see people. But it wasn't because they weren't there - I heard some voices, screams and commands and chants through the loudspeakers. I simply couldn't see them through all the smoke coming from the ground and rubble.

Something flashed green and yellow in the smoke, and there was another boom and boom. After shaking myself, I focused on my goal, the Arena wall.

I walked up to it slowly because I couldn't know what to expect at the top. But it seemed that no one was going to chase me - I didn't see any people, or mysterious human-thinking crystals, or anything like that. And if someone was hiding - well, I didn't notice it.

After running the last few steps to the ruins, I scrambled to crawl on all fours over all the bricks, metal, some wooden parts of the Arena, and stone blocks. The right injured side of my body was bathed in heat, but I gritted my teeth and tried to ignore it. With only my left arm and left leg, I certainly would not have climbed to the top.

"What am I supposed to do with that Stone!?"

I still held the stone in my palm, and through it it was impossible to hold anything else in my hand. For example, a convenient stone or ledge for climbing.

"I'll throw you up, okay?" - after assessing the situation that it will be easier to climb this way, I looked at Akmenis and asked him.

"And I was thinking, why are you holding me?" Akmuos responded sarcastically.

"Come on you shit!"

Anger gripped me. I'm wearing it - and he's like this. In a fit of rage, I threw it up over the ledge. This one, while unwrapping, flew up with the rope and fell somewhere above, making a jingling sound.

I started scrambling over bricks and stone blocks. And finally I grabbed hold of an overhanging metal railing and climbed up. It turns out that the Arena's battlefield was surrounded by a ledge maybe ten paces wide, behind which began the places to sit or stand, rising madly upwards.

Bending down, I picked up the Weapon from the ground and looked around. Nearby I saw the entrance to the interior of the Arena.

"I'm hoping for an exit."

Someone scrambled again on the ruined side of the Arena. True, it didn't seem like anyone was trying to tear her down even more - she must have fallen on her own.

"I'd better run before it all comes crashing down on me!"

I took a breath and let myself run easily to that dark gate. It's easier because I'll need more energy, and I'm already tired. You need to take the opportunity to take a breather.

- Wait, how did you see that the wall collapsed here? - I remembered the stone's words and how it led me to her.

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