Experiment 074: A day of starvation

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Goal of the day: 299 words. Written: 448.

One day last year, I didn't eat anything. I just wanted to see what would happen if I tried a rough technique of conscious fasting.

This is what I experienced:

  • I didn't eat anything for breakfast yesterday.
  • I went to the dentist at around 11 o'clock and then my gums were sore all day.
  • I drank Lipton tea on my way back from the dentist.
  • I ate 4 hot sandwiches a day with cheese, mayonnaise and onions.
  • Then I drank "family" tea. And Lipton, black.
  • I did push-ups in the evening, stopped at 60 and postponed for today. The nose didn't work very well. Maybe it was slightly weak, but I don't remember.
  • In the evening, I didn't eat anything.

I started today.

  • I went to bed last night around 30 minutes before midnightI fell asleep very easily and pleasantly.
  • Several woke up together at night. I had strange dreams. Nothing special.
  • Alarm clock 7:00. Then I snoozed until 9:30. I got up feeling good.
  • I made Lipton black tea.
  • Inspired by Linas Matulis and the book "On the Happiness of Laziness", I decided that today I would starve.
  • By 13:00 or something like that, I felt very good. As usual.
  • About 14 o'clock I started to feel something unusual. I don't know what. Just this feeling. Maybe it was because I was reading books and gathering knowledge for the Sloth Manifesto, or maybe it was the dull daytime air and the white, cloud-covered sky.
  • About 15 o'clock I started to feel signs of hunger. At that moment, I wanted to bite into something. A little. I got over it and made some tea. Lipton rhodes. Again. (How much can I drink?)
  • About 16 o'clock the screws started to rattle in my abdomen, I started to feel faint, a slight tingling sensation, and the image in my eyes started to rain a little. Perhaps the influence of the book 'On the Happiness of Laziness', because it says that this can happen when fasting. I do not know what the truth is.
  • About 17 o'clock I felt weak, my head started to ache (still slightly, but more), Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67, No. I started to question why I had taken on this challenge in the first place.
  • About 18 o'clock my head hurts, there's a dragon in my stomach, attention somewhere... Oh, squirrel! ...Erm. Somewhere in there. And him. In a word. I'm writing this. I'm going to go eat, because I'm getting a bit sick and I'm not sure this is how it's supposed to go. My body says go eat. I'm going to eat. Vegetables.
  • 15 minutes after 18:00: It's hard to concentrate, my eyes hurt, my head hurts (upper part), my stomach doesn't help and makes noises. I want to sleep. If I tried to sleep I would probably give up dinner for sure. And I guess I wouldn't do push-ups in this state.
  • 19 minutes after 18:00: Thank you. Have a nice day.
    • Positivity: My nose seems a little more unstuck than it was the day before yesterday. It is easier to breathe through.
    • Negative: Read the reviews above.
  • 32 minutes after 18:00: I ate. The moment of eating seemed to be nice and better. I guess there was a hurricane in my stomach when I tried to eat the food. 2:3 of the food was vegetables. The rest was beef chops.
  • 7pm: A few moments ago, I was overwhelmed by extreme drowsiness and distraction, with a concentration level of one on a ten-point scale. At this moment, attention seems to be returning. The abdomen sends almost no signals. I feel restored. I take a bite of dark chocolate.
  • 14 minutes after 7pm: Nose blocked again. Eureka? Something related! I yawn and want to sleep, right. Maybe it's the nose, too?
  • 23 hours: I'm back to normal. Nothing special. My nose is still slightly pinched.

Not so hungry,

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