#Soul in Stone (3)

365 texts fiction Soul in stone
Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 746 words. Written: 371.

Two steps. The walls were just around the corner and I could feel them about to hit me on the back and push me... Into this giant shredder.

"Oh God."


I closed my eyes, took a breath. I breathed out. And then I threw up my hand... And straight into the storm!

Oplia! Got it!

I started to pull on whatever I was picking up... When suddenly something wrapped around my hand and squeezed it hard! Out of surprise, I let go of whatever I was holding again and pulled my hand out.

The next three seconds were so fast that I barely knew what had happened. As soon as I pulled my hand away, suddenly the crazy buzzing in the background stopped, the guns stopped falling, and the ones that were still in the air immediately fell into the abyss. In an instant, the abyss slammed shut so that even the ground shook and a man's voice came from God knows where:

- Oh yes, baby! Oooo taaaaaaaaaaaaaaappp!

* * *

And at that moment I noticed that some long thread or cord had wrapped around my arm! I took a step back from the centre of the hall and shook my hand in horror.

But it turns out that it wasn't just a thread on the arm - there was also some kind of lightweight, but almost half the size of my head, red stone attached to the end of it!


I started to shake my hand even more, but the thread did not loosen and the stone did not fly anywhere despite the movement.

- Eeeeee, bitch, stop it! - someone shouted again.

I grabbed the end of the thread with the stone and tried to pull it away from my hand. It didn't move. Then I started to unwind it from my hand, but it didn't move there either. During all this, the hall was also transformed somehow, it seemed to flatten out again, rising and returning to its normal state.

- Stop it, damn it! - the voice shouted again, and the thread around his arm tightened even more.

- At... Stop! - I called back. I don't even know what I shouted to, but probably mostly to the thread.

...And the thread began to come loose from my hand as if it were some kind of cord. It was like a narrow bracelet, and the stone jumped into my palm without me even noticing.

- Oooooo, how good! - came a voice and the red stone in my hand glowed.

"Oh God. What the hell!?"

I blew my eyes out at the red stone. And then I started shaking my hand frantically again.

- Go to hell! - I shouted to the stone now.

- You go! - he said.

- Fuck off," I continued shaking my hand.

When I suddenly noticed that... The weapons waterfall in the middle of the hall is long gone, and it's just the floor and the hole at the top shining again. There was a rustling sound.

The walls, which had finally collapsed into my back, pushed me into the centre of the hall... And the floor started to rise into the light.

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