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Reflections and drafts

Goal of the day: 910 words. Written: 912.

"Okay then," Gabriela leaned back and stuffed the last piece of bun in her mouth. Then he leaned back in his chair and watched me while chewing.

I was eating.

- You didn't answer where I am. Where am i? - I tried to distract her silence in the room with just my chatter.

Amber looked out the window. It showed an intermittently cloudy blue sky.

Then she stood up, and straightening her skirt, took off her dressing-gown, hung it on a hook on the wall, and went, throwing the bedclothes from the sofa into the gap between it and the wall, and stretched herself on it.

- You are in my house, office, laboratory... Whatever you want - call it that, - she waved her hand around the room with a smile, - this is where I work. at the Animal Husbandry Institute of the Greater Kaunas Zoo.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Joe glow green for a brief moment. Or it happened to me, because after all, he was lying at the very edge of my vision.

"Is he listening?"

- At the Animal Husbandry Institute? - returning to Gabriela in my mind, I asked her after swallowing one of the last bites.

- Yes, at the institute. You, of course, as I can see from the voice, have not heard him? - she raised her eyebrows.

"No, I'm not," I shook my head.

- Not surprising. Few people are told or advertised about the institute. That our Great and Magnificent City has the largest soul well this side of the world, that it produces the world's best weapons, and transport and communication crystals is well known. However, less is known about Manic's work.

“…What is all this? Never heard of that?”

- Well, - continued Gabriele, when I fell silent, - I experiment with various animals, animals and other forms of life. And I'm the one who finds the latest heavenly magic ingredients for City products. To put it simply. I hope I'm not talking too complicated?

I shook my head again. Although her words made me understand what she was talking about, I hardly understood anything. But he didn't want to look completely dull.

- No, everything is understandable. Just tell me... And what is the magic of the sky?

Gabrielle's eyes widened.

- Oh... You didn't hit your head before you appeared there, in the street where I found you? she asked in surprise.

"Er… Shit."

Confused, I just grinned. Gabrielle obviously didn't understand that I was amnesiac. And she didn't want to say that at all, because then she probably would have found out that I was in the Arena. And if I was in the Arena... Maybe she was one of those who pushed me there?

Gabrielle looked at me for a few moments and laughed, crossing one leg over the other.

- And you have a sense of humor! she laughed again. "It would be quite funny if I were here telling you all this and you really have amnesia and don't remember anything."

“Ah, amnesia…”

I laughed nervously with Gabriele and quickly stuffed the last bite of the burger in my mouth so I wouldn't have to say something if she asked.

- Well, how did you eat? she asked again in a more loving voice.

Still chewing on my food, I nodded.

- Good. Great. So tell me about yourself, I don't know anything about you. Gabriele waved her hand in front of her, smiling. - So what happened to you that you got into that alley and I had to save you? And… Wait, did you say your name yet? Sorry, I completely forgot!

"Oh my God, she saved who with whom again?" Will she get angry again? …And worse – what should I answer!?”

- Eee... - I muttered, thinking and starting to chew more slowly, so that I would have more time to come up with an answer, - ... My name is Jacob!

"Oh my god, what an idiotic name!"

I blurted out the first name that popped into my head. I just couldn't think of anything else. And I had no idea at all whether I had come up with the name correctly - maybe such a name does not even exist? And anyway, what should I call myself? I'm just me!

Gabrielle nodded silently.

- Beautiful name, - she finally spoke, smiling once again, and it was as if something came off my chest and it became easier to breathe, - did your parents give you one?

“Parents? They give names? And by the way, does Gabriele suspect something??"

- Yes, indeed, - I nodded my head energetically, hoping that it was just an innocent question and not some kind of trap when she already knew the answer and was trying to pressure me into lying.

- It reminds me a little, you know, of the heroes of all kinds of video games, - she smiled. And then, fixing her voice, as if she were acting, she spoke:

- Hello, I'm Jacob. Slayer of werewolves and magic maggots!

Gabrielle laughed. I smiled.

"Oh, you know," she added after she stopped laughing and raised her eyebrows in conversation, "we have werewolves here at the zoo." Almost the last ones on earth!


"Oh, well," I nodded, as if I understood and was impressed.

- Oh dear, - said Gabriele after a pause, - you didn't answer, how did you end up in the cross street where I found you?

“Ah. It's…”

- Ooo... And where did you find me? Climbing the stairs on such a street? - I asked, and Gabriela nodded, - Then... Well... I don't know, I'm not sure.

"You don't know?" - she raised an eyebrow at him in surprise.

- Well, no, - I shook my head, - in that sense I know, but I'm not sure what exactly happened. I tried to climb over that fence, I was overcome with pain and fell.

I suddenly shut up.

"Pala. So the wounds are not from there. She will understand it!'

- You climbed over the fence, which is marked with danger signs? - Gabriela's eyes widened, - Why?

"Crap! I have to come up with something!”

"I… Well, long story," I shrugged and narrowed my eyes as charmingly as I could, as if it was unimportant and self-evident.

Gabrielle looked at me for a moment. Then the laughter broke out again.

"Oh, but I already told you that you're very funny, didn't I?" - Gabrielle took a breath, - I guess your wounds all over your side and the bruised back were just a long story too?

I cringed and threw my arms around, again acting like I understood. I couldn't think of anything else, and since I had already dug myself into a hole, I had to do something. I couldn't let this girl know where I was. Running out of the Arena should not be legal for gladiators. Probably.

- Well, the most important thing is that you are healthy.

Gabrielle smiled and lifted her foot from her leg and squirmed a little. He was sitting at such an angle that it was impossible not to see what was under her skirt. …There was nothing under her skirt.


I looked away.

- So how do you like my toy collection? - she waved her hand as if among others to the wall, which I already noticed - it is hung with various things.

I looked. Then I looked at Gabrielle. Then into her crotch. Then back to her.

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