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Quite a few writers face this: they want to write a fantasy story… But they don't know where to start.

If you're one of those writers, or if you're simply lacking inspiration for a new fantasy short story (or novel?), I might be able to help.

More than five years ago, I wanted to write a fantasy story myself. Something engaging, something interesting, something stunning... However, I had no idea what exactly I wanted to write. And where should I start?

I remember well the first day of my great writing. While sitting in Lithuanian lessons, I decided to start my story with a bang and wrote the first line of dialogue:

 - Are they coming from the north? - asked Danielius

…And after writing this, I got completely lost. "Who are they?", I began to ask myself, "Where is the north, where is the narrator now and who is he?", I added, as if the first question was not enough.

I did not find the answer to those questions. Despite the fact that the language teacher was talking about the works of the cursed Biliūnas in a monotonous voice and it was probably the best environment to write.

Then I took a pencil, opened another page of the notebook. And I started to draw a map.

Sheet by sheet, the map expanded. First I drew the shores of the continent (as I later understood from the scale - it was only a small island, no bigger than Sardinia), then its mountains, rivers and lakes. Then I extended the second continent and suddenly my first world - The World - was born.

(Yes, I wasn't the most creative young fantasist back then.)

For this first world, I drew and wrote everything from the aforementioned two continents (maps of which I still dream of hanging on my wall) to explanations of planetary days.

...And, after two years of work, I threw away my progress, put it in a box and forgot about it.

You can still find it here:
"World" encyclopedia online

Yes, simply click on the link above and you will be taken to the encyclopedia where I presented my worldbuilding work over 5 years ago.

Does this sound interesting to you?
Maybe useful?

Send me a private message on Facebook or otherwise express your thoughts. And if you'd like, I could dust off this encyclopedia, organize its maps and illustrations, and otherwise prepare it for your use or reading pleasure.

If you want, I can resurrect and finish this 5-year-old zombie creation of mine.

visit "World" encyclopedia, read about his planets, enjoy hand-drawn maps and written fantastic texts. I hope it will become the basis for YOUR creativity.

I will wait for your feedback.

Once a fiction writer,

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