Minimalism, Simplicity, Essentiality…?

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Minimalism. The essence of this movement is to help people who are overwhelmed by the weight of things, chores, wants, desires and the fast-paced modern world.

And he fights for:

  • Simplicity (rejecting chaos);
  • Exclusivity (rejecting mediocre experiences);
  • Essentiality (giving up what is not needed);
  • Meaningfulness (rejecting what wastes time).

Minimalism is against:

  • Noise (which is deafening);
  • Worthless abundance (which is dull);
  • Distraction (which kills).

The objects of minimalism are our objects, our goals, our work, our acquaintances, our words... And everything that goes with it.

Question: What should be the Lithuanian name for Minimalism? And should it be Lithuanian?

First: Should there be a Lithuanian alternative?


  • The Lithuanian word is easier to understand;
  • A word adapted to Lithuanian culture sounds better to Lithuanians;
  • "Minimalism" is defined for the current LCA only as a branch of art, not as a way of life.

Arguments against:

  • The Lithuanian equivalent may sound different from the English word, so it may be difficult to find the information online;
  • A Lithuanian word can be too unmemorable.

Second: Possible names for Minimalism.

A) Minimalism. It is a simplified version of Minimalism. Easy to find on the internet, already linked to the art style in dictionaries.
B) Minimalism. The same word, but without the z in international words.
C) Simplicity. The alternative I have offered so far. Content under this name has already been launched but is not yet known to the wider public. Potentially unmemorable.
D) Ease. A second alternative, possibly defining the principles more precisely than Simplicity.
E) Freedom. It sounds good too, but I don't know if it captures the idea.
F) Less. It does not correspond to the principle that there are fewer bad things in minimalism, but only more good things.
G) Abundance. Correspondingly, the reverse of proposal F.
H) .

Which would be the best name? What to choose?

What is your opinion?

How to call The philosophy of Minimalism/Simplicity?


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