Perspective: How do you perceive the world?

Look at the glasses below. They are exactly the same, but different people value them differently. What about your life? How do you see him?

Let's try a simple exercise. I use it when things seem to fall apart, like accidentally deleting a draft of an entire book (yes, it's happened to me...).

But after this exercise, my attitude changes and I gain new strength!

Do the exercise:

  1. Choose one personal problem that you are dealing with these days.
  2. Then answer yourself: what can you learn from solving it?
  3. And finally: give your trouble a name! Name its essence!

For example…

  1. I have endless backlogs and am bombarded with lateness letters.
  2. By dealing with the catastrophe of unfinished business, I will learn a) how to work more efficiently, b) how not to take on a million tasks at once, and c) how to cope with stress.
  3. And I can call this trouble "a trouble that will help you work with your head"!

…And yes, this is a very personal example. This happened to me this week. 🙂 So it's your turn. What problem-not-problem do you have?

  • 1. Fear of taking responsibility if I am not 100 percent. sure that the choice is good and the inability to dress.
    2. By taking responsibility, I can learn to be more self-reliant, learn to decide what is important and what is not, and make decisions faster.
    3. A suffocating fear that stops you from moving forward.

  • The only problem is lack of money to live comfortably. I just don't know how much of a problem it is, because I started to earn more and more new and interesting things for passive income. A few months ago, the problem was paid work, because I did not have free time for myself, now I have solved this problem and I have endless time to do only what I like. I am a flexible, happy, always smiling person! 😉

  • The problem is mood swings. As the saying goes, the mood is the attitude. If I'm in the mood, everything is fine, but if I'm not, then I can spend whole days doing nothing and watching stupid shows on TV.
    By deciding, I will learn: to control myself and my moods; do the necessary work, instead of lying in front of the TV; optimism (which I often lack).
    Title: More sun, less rain 🙂 (the point is more good mood, less bad) 🙂

  • Chipmunk syndrome. Here, my challenge is how to learn not to accumulate things and not make a "mess" in the mind, to write down thoughts and not to keep them all until the "teapot" boils. The most important thing is not to procrastinate. When solving the situation, I see a wonderful glass, because I will learn to plan my time, I will manage not only my head but also my home, but I will return to writing. Yuhoo

  • it's amazing in a glass, and that's an understatement 😉

    1. constant breakdown of the car, it seems that it can no longer be repaired... 😀 every master tells his options...
    2. choose the right experts, don't spare money for the relevant knowledge, plan your time in such a way that you will always be with the car, but also fix it before I don't need it, e.g. during work 😉
    3. car service 😀

  • 1. Willingness to do things quickly. Lb. Quickly and qualitatively, when they are uninteresting, wasteful and time-consuming.
    2. By solving this problem I will learn a) Patience. b) Conventions. c) Time management. d) Distribution of rest breaks during work. e) Discipline.
    3. "Ice Age Squirrel".
    A problem that will help to drop revs and normalize the stress level.

  • These days, I am restless with endless projects, they are increasing and most of them are urgently needed by the clients. From this situation, I learn to do things faster, to use time as rationally as possible, to simplify things. It is also a great practice for communicating with clients when there is mutual stress:) I will call this situation "Look at everything more simply".

  • My glass is half full)))
    1. problem - procrastination of solving complex problems.
    2. solving this problem I will learn concentration, planning, discipline, emotion management.
    3. lack of determination (((…

  • 1. I have work, errands, both at work and after work I have to run because of other activities or e-mails at home. in the post office.
    2. What I have learned/can learn: how to plan time, work more efficiently, not take on many tasks at once, ask for help, sometimes say "no", find time for rest and relaxation, value time.
    3. I will name it - An abundance of works that will help you value time + not to forget yourself.

  • 1. Due to the lack of time, to help myself, I ordered food for home delivery for the whole day, for two weeks with delivery, which must come in the morning, and for the second day in a row, I do not receive it at the agreed time.
    2. Solving this "problem"
    a) I can develop patience,
    b) always be prepared for surprises,
    c) properly choose a food supplier,
    3. And I would call it "when you don't have other problems.." �

  • My problem is constant chaos of thoughts, digging in the past, fear accompanying every step, mistrust. What do I learn from this? I think nothing. It's just hard. And I can't give this problem a name. I just live with it and I don't know/can't live any other way.

  • 1. I don't sleep all week, because of that I wake up sluggishly and perform the day's work inefficiently, which causes me to go to bed late again and I can't fall asleep due to worries;
    2. By solving this problem, I will learn the discipline to tell myself when it's time to sleep, to plan my work so that I manage to complete the work on time and have time to calm down before bed, I will find ways that will help me fall asleep faster in the evening and sleep more effectively
    3. You need to sleep at night, not when you need to act.

  • My glass is half full.
    1. I've been putting off a job I don't like for a whole week, even though I'm about to be late...
    2. By performing this work, I will learn: to plan, to be responsible.
    3. A problem that will help you learn to do everything to the end.

  • 1. I don't find time for myself
    2. No one will take care of me, so I need to learn to delegate work to others or simply not to do what is not necessary here and now, e.g. arrange the children's toys.
    3. Mother/wife - everything can be combined

  • 1. I have a workaholic boss who forces me to work long hours (and I agree).
    2. In solving this problem, I end up figuring out what I want from the work environment/conditions, etc. I am also learning to fight for my desires! And control the stress level.
    3. A problem that is about to be solved.

  • 1. Right now I have too many wishes and ideas. Therefore, wandering between them, I do not fully implement any of them, and the unreached goals only hinder progress even more.
    2. To solve this problem:
    a) I will learn to allocate priorities correctly
    b) focus on specific tasks without distraction
    3. I will name it "No one forbids you to want"

  • yes,
    Hello friends,

    Lately, sometimes I am busy with one activity, when it seems that I want to do something completely different.
    When I spend time and it seems like I should spend it on something more important.
    PVZ I read the book longer than I planned (because I find a lot in it already) and I want to go visit my friend...
    I would call it, "Time allocation" (for those who are most important).

  • 1. It's strange, but when I think about problems, I realize that I don't call them problems anymore... I have a concern (goal) how to organize a meeting of "Happy Puppies" in London...
    2. What can I learn from this goal:
    A) How to organize meetings.
    B) How to decide to do something that I haven't done yet.
    C) How to achieve your goals.
    D) Learn how to communicate with brothers.
    3. And this care (goal) will help to understand other "Happy Puppies", what bothers them, how they live, how they deal with their problems, will help to relax and feel an even greater sense of happiness, because for the first time I will meet brothers like me... and another goal that I want to achieve in the coming month will be realized.

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