Looking for someone to create a web page? 👨‍💻

I can create a blog, e-shop, portfolio, online training platform... for you.

What can I program?

Anything similar + as desired:

Why am I the best?

  1. I prefer the latest code practices - you wouldn't want your site to work as if it was from the 1990s, would you?
  2. For page speed – the faster the page loads for visitors, the more likely they are to buy (and Google will push it to the top of the results).
  3. And for flexibility - I hate "baked in" code solutions that make it difficult or impossible to extend page functionality. Yes, baking the design is the easiest, but due to my 8 years of experience working with web projects, I know how often you need features that were not ordered right away. Flexible projects are what make me happy the most.

What do I offer you?

Just write me a letter and I will advise you about the creation of an online project free of charge: danielius@debesyla.lt

(The work itself will, of course, cost money. Write your wishes and I will be able to calculate how long the work would take and how much it would cost.)

Write and I will help! 🐱‍💻