The biggest mistake you can make in your life (Or undoubted way to stumble)

Straipsnio autorius: Danielius Goriunovas / Debesyla

Danielius Goriunovas / Debesyla

Dalinuosi ką patyręs, nes kažkas paprašė.

Let me turn you into pessimist: Whatever you do or want to do, there’s 7 billions (with a half) ways to make a mistake and suffer a defeat.

And I guarantee that thousands of these ways are really possible:

  • If you’re starting your own business – you can create something that nobody needs and you will get broke.
  • If you are baking cupcakes for your lover – you can not know what taste he/she likes.
  • If you’re getting ready to write a book – you can never finish it and waste a lot of time.
  • If you want to be photographer – people might won’t like your photos. Very..
  • If you want to start new blog – someone can say that you’re another idiot in the internet.
  • If you want to quit smoking – you simply can be too weak.

No matter what you do, you can fail. You can end up with wasted money, time and strenghts. Or, maybe, something even more important.

Are you scared by now?

…You should be. If you have some (or more) brains in your head.

Probably everyone who is creating something new feels it – fear which block everything. Fear of stumble and achieving nothing. Similary to that fear, which was felt by Ikarus from my art teacher’s most favorite antique story about flight towards the sun.

If you’re trying to achieve something, I quess, you would want to fulfil your goals. At the same time – ensure that you won’t waste another chance.

…And you wait.




(Read those words for at least 15 more minutes. To remember all your waiting, delays and overdone plannings.)

Maybe you’re waiting for a suitable moment.

…However that’s exactly what kills your chances to attain success.

Not doing: secure way to make a mistake.

One my close friend wants to travel around the world and make money from it. She doesn’t want to study boring speciality in a boring college, she doesn’t want to communicate with boring people and doesn’t want to spend her days in hers small, boring hometown.

Honestly, I salute her:

First part of her wish she fulfils quite successfully. For almost a year she travels around Europe’s countries and cities, which are far more further than Poland. Even today she talked about her nearest trip to Paris with dreamy eyes.

But how about second part? That part where she brace herself and try to make one or two euros from hers hobby ?

…She doesn’t start. Fear. Shyness. She’s even making excuses.

„No one cares about my journey“ she says. „I didn’t travel that much“, she adds. And it doesn’t matter, that she traveled more than she could narrate about. It doesn’t matter that hers trips are completed by funny and interesting stories, she still finds ways to make an excuse.

She is afraid of failure .

I don’t know what failure – still I can’t read minds – however it looks like she dreads her dreams, like so many people are afraid of their ambitions. She’s one of many people who are stuck with their fears. (Maybe they’re similar to you ?)

And she has two choices:

  1. Start and maybe end up in failure…
  2. …Or do not start and safely, hundred percent guarantee, achieve nothing.

Otherwise: first way she maybe can reach something, second – she’ll really fail.

What will she select? Or more important… What you will choose?

Maybe today… is a good opportunity?


  • You can start your own company – and learn something new. Find out, what is working and what is definitely not… Or you can do not start and torture yourself with your not fulfiled fantasies.
  • You can try and bake cupcakes – and accidentally find out lover’s favorite taste… Or you can not try and She or He won’t get opportunity to experience your endless love.
  • You can start to write a book – and write it within one month. Just from inspiration… Or you can never try and your minds and feels won’t see the light. Maybe yours destiny to be a famous writer ?
  • You can start taking photos of people and find out that taking photos of architecture is far more fun… Or you can not try and you will never discover yours biggest life’s hobby.
  • You can start a blog – and attract yours readers who will always wait for more of your new ideas… Or you can not start and the world will never find out who you are.
  • You can try to quit smoking – and find out that isn’t that hard… Or you can not start, because stable cough and yellow teeths are usual part in your life.

Without a doubt, you can invent more dreams and more excuses.

I don’t know what are you afraid of, but I know that in the end it won’t look as dreadful as it looks now.

The most easiest way to stumble and achieve nothing is stubbornness not to start. For fu*k sake, no step, made in your way to the purpose, won’t be as important as your first step.

You know that. Maybe you simulate that from next monday everything will change. Although even then you will make up new excuses for delay.

So start. Even today.

Task for you. In comments section below share:

  1. What you WANTED to do in a while?
  2. And what you WILL DO today before going to sleep?

At that time, with no doubt, it’s time to step a little, very little step. While your dreams hasn’t died. And while you haven’t died.

You will do it for yourself, won’t you?

Loving you,