Fast food of information. What do you eat when you get hungry?

Straipsnio autorius: Danielius Goriunovas / Debesyla

Danielius Goriunovas / Debesyla

Dalinuosi ką patyręs, nes kažkas paprašė.

Šis tekstas buvo mano 2016 metų kalba TEDx renginyje Biržuose.

What do you eat when you get hungry?

Do you prepare food at home? Do you buy some pre-made food from supermarket and heat it in your microwave? Do you buy some Big Mac at McDonalds or Kebab at local gas station?

And how do you think, which food is healthier for you?

Today I have an idea.

These times we are an information generation. We consume information just like we consume food and we eat all of that data all the time.

Some of us wake up with a smarthone in hand, make a morning selfie on instagram, spend some hours on facebook scrolling and only then get up for the work of the day.

I know that at least I do that sometimes. Some days I don’t want to get up, I just want to scroll.

Some of us go to sleep only after checking really important messages in facebook or gmail. Those messages are really important because we got used to consume data before sleep – we got used to listening a lullabie of our friends chatter before every sleep.

I know that because sometimes I do that too and just going to sleep without checking any of social networks (or news sites) in a whole day seems just so… Strange. Maybe a little bit even scary – if I was missing something important.

“What if my personal blog has broken down and readers cannot access it? What if my friend is in trouble and needs a helping hand? What if tommorow is going to get really cold, rainy, stormy or… What if?”

That seems scary!

But I am not going to talk about removing social networks or information from our days. Even after I have been experimenting with living without internet, books or newspapers and loved all that freedom.

I don‘t think that information is something we should be scared of.

I, personally, believe that we should be scared of the FAST FOOD of information. Same as we are scared of unhealthy foods that tempt us to eat it all the day for the rest of the days.

Fast food. Fast information. It‘s fun to consume it. It‘s tasty!

All the memes, created for the laters news, all the jokes on most recent politician fuck ups, all the instant selfies from awesome places where your friends are right now. And even the shares of „Oh, look, I have just found this awesome TEDx talk you should listen to“…

…I, personaly, could eat it all day. Same as I would love eating cepelinai and caramel ice cream.

But is it healthy?

Is it good for your body and soul? For your mind and, eh, whatever you want?

Most of the fast foods are not healthy. Yes, they fill you up, quickly, same as quick peak at your phone before sleep does fill you up with emotional joy. But the joy of consuming doesnt last.

When was the last time you remembered a specific post your friend made a year ago? But do you remember the really good books or tv shows that were released a year ago?

What is the difference between a fast informaton and slow information?

Slow one, most of the times, have quality. It is not made in 30 second while shitting on a toilet. It is written or made other way in years, sometimes decades.

Best of the books are made in decades of expierencing the world, decades of rewriting, decades of trying and experimenting. Like Lev Tolstoy books are.

Slow information is made same as slow food – slowly.

Slow food is tasty and you can remmeber the taste months after that. The taste of soup that your mother made you when you were a child. The taste of a theater performance or a movie you saw at auttumm a year ago.

It is not easy to find slow information, because creating it takes time. LOTS of time. While you can always find something new at your smartphone, sometimes there are NO good new books to read.

Slow information is like drinking a coffee that was prepared with intricate mechanisms, dripping, on a small fire and all that. While the fast one you can get in 15seconds after pushing few buttons on a automat in a highway gas station.

I am not saying that slow information is the best. I am not saying that we should stop consuming quickly made, cheap information.

I am just saying that we, nowaday, have a choice.

Same as our parents had a choice – should they feed us, when we were children, with icecream and candies all the time, or should they prapare us something healthier.

We have a choice to consume content that is healthy for your soul. Or just escape to the easy and „always fun“ planes of facebook and messenger apps.

And I, personally, believe that we should train ourselves to not only eat healthy food, but healthy information too.

And we should make it the part of our diet.

Well, of course, that are just mine ideas.

Thank you.