A blog that sells. Benefits for the business and the customer.

Image is everything! From the first "hello", the customer is already assessing whether to trust you or not. And have you ever wondered how you can start building an image? until the first greeting with a customer?

Jurgita Raudonytė (Verslios owls)

Content Marketing Specialist


Danielius Goriunov (Debesyla)

Writer, challenge fanatic

These 7 weeks durations In the training, you'll learn:

1) How to create a blog on the WordPress platform;

2) How and what content to include on your new blog;

3) How to recruit social networks for content dissemination;

4) How to measure content results;

5) How to optimise your blog for business!

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A blog is a reliable way to share your knowledge, present yourself and sell your services to a potential customer before direct contact.

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